Using the scheduler as a System User

How do admins navigate the schedule and manage all bookings?

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Being a System User (Owner, System Admin, or Booking Admin) gives you special privileges over Regular Users! Use this article to learn how to manage your scheduler and bookings.

If you're looking for the Regular User's perspective, check out this article.

What's going on in my schedule?

As a System User (Owner, System Admin, or Booking Admin) you're able to see and edit everything about bookings (spaces, title, holder, custom fields, payment status).

Use the different schedule views and filter these using space views to find and create bookings. If you have colour rules set up, these will be shown to System Users only.

Make bookings

In the Day view schedule the dark greyed out time is not available to book, even for System Users. The light grey area can be booked (but not by Regular Users). System Users are able to break the rules configured in the settings pages. However, nobody is able to make conflicting / double bookings, this includes spaces blocked off with space sharing rules.

Hover over the schedule and select a green area, drag down to extend the time, click and drag to move the booking around, then click Book at the top. When you have selected a time, small + symbols will show on other spaces that are also bookable. Click these for multi-space bookings.

Alternatively, click on the green + symbol to the bottom right of the screen to create a booking.

Next, fill out the New Booking form. System Users can see more options than Regular Users, such as:

  • Booking type (explained below).

  • An option to repeat the booking (regardless of your repeat rules).

  • Place to set the Booking Holder - Regular Users will not see this option! They will be set as the Booking Holder and will not be able to change this. To make an anonymous booking leave the default "Casual user".

  • Fields to set the price and payment status (if pricing rules are configured)

  • Various custom fields to select and fill in, or deselect.

  • A note at the bottom letting you know if a user will be sent an email about this booking or not.

Test out making a booking as a Regular User to see how it differs. Here are some instructions!

Booking Type

The option to select a booking type is only available to System Users. All bookings made by Regular Users will be User bookings assigned to themselves.

User Booking

Create bookings for existing users, yourself or for the anonymous Casual user. You can also create a new user inline and apply any user tags in the process.


An internal booking does not have a user assigned to it. This booking type is identified on the scheduler with a little house symbol. This is perfect for venue-wide bookings.


An unavailable booking also does not have a user assigned to it. This booking type is viewable on the scheduler with a little stop symbol / ban icon. This is perfect for blocking out spaces for things like closed days, public holidays and maintenance/cleaning blocks.

Note for space sharing, you can make one space "unavailable" without affecting the other spaces that are connected to it.

Color rules can be created based on booking type, and the list view can be filtered by this as well.

Edit bookings

System users are able to edit bookings by double clicking on them in the Day view or by clicking on the chevron symbol in the top right corner > View/edit details. Select the booking in other views to find this option as well.

The edit screen lets you update the date, time, spaces, title, notes, repeat sequence, booking holder and price of the booking.

To edit the Holder of User bookings, select the pencil icon next to Booking Holder.

While all supported changes can be made from the edit screen, the time, duration and spaces of a booking can also be changed by dragging and resizing the booking block directly on the scheduler.

If you have user notifications turned on, updates to a booking held by a user will notify that user of any important changes made.

Remove / delete / cancel bookings

The process of removing a booking is similar to editing (shown above) and is also available from the day, month and list views.

Duplicate / clone bookings

System users can duplicate any bookings. This option is available from any scheduler view in the booking dropdown along with the edit, cancel, and end early options shown above.

The New Booking modal is shown with the duplicated booking information, ready for fine-tuning and confirmation. Conflicts are never allowed in Skedda, so at the very minimum the date/time/spaces of the duplicate booking need to be adjusted.

If the source booking has a price and a non-default payment status (e.g. "paid"), then the payment status is reset in the duplicated booking (i.e. set to either "unpaid" or "not set"). That is, the payment status of a booking is never duplicated.


Can I create a user booking without user details / anonymous?

  • Yes! Choose the booking holder to be "Casual user". This will allow you to make a booking without user details, but you can still allocate a price to the booking. Edit this at anytime to add a holder.

I'm a System User, but I'm unable to edit a booking. What's going on?

  • This may be because the booking is paid. Refer to this article section to learn how to handle this. If it's for a different/unknown reason, please reach out to us!

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