Click into Settings > Coloring.

Colors can be a great visual aid for digesting large amounts of booking information, however the ongoing manual task of maintaining booking colors can be a real burden. To solve this problem, we allow and encourage you to define a consistent set of conditions ("color scheme") that reflect all your coloring needs. These conditions are then used to automatically color bookings so that you don't have to!

Color rules are for admins only and can respect booking type, payment status, user name/email, user tags, and even keyword in the title/notes. Remember, the system will use the color from the first matching condition, so the order of your color rules is important.

Below are some basic examples of conditions you could set:

  • You can color bookings green if they're for a user having the Members tag: "use green when the holder's set of tags contains Members".

  • You can color bookings red if they are not paid: "use red when the payment status is not equal to No charge and the payment status is not equal to Paid".

  • You can micro-manage the color of any booking, setting its color to e.g. pink whenever you put certain special text in the title field: "use pink when the title field contains [Pink]".

Here's a screenshot showing some basic coloring rules (these are based on the payment status and the booking type):

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