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Create colour rules to color code bookings (for System users only)

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Colors are a great visual aid for System users digesting large amounts of booking information. Define a set of conditions to automatically color bookings in the 'Coloring' settings page.

Learn about using emojis to act like color conditions in our FAQs section!

Create a Color Condition

Coloring is for System users only and can be based on booking type, payment status, user name/email, user tags, and even keywords in the title/notes. The system will use the color from the first matching condition, so the order of your color conditions is important.

The number of color conditions you can create depends on the subscription plan you're on. Check out a list of Skedda's different plans and included features here.

Select 'Add a condition', choose the color, and define what the condition is based on. Once finished make sure the 'βœ“ Saved' message appears in the top right before navigating away from the settings page.

Example Color Conditions

The following are examples of how color conditions can be used. See these above in the GIF as well!

  • Color bookings green if they're for a user with the Members tag: Use green when 'the holder's set of tags' contains Members.

  • Color bookings red if they are not paid: Use red when the payment status is not equal to 'No charge' and the payment status is not equal to 'Paid'.

  • Micro-manage the color of any booking, setting its color to pink whenever you put certain special text in the title field: Use pink when the title field contains [Pink].


Can color coding be visible to everyone?

At the moment, no; this is only for System users to help manage bookings. You can put a colored emoji in your space names and/or the booking title (if visibility is enabled) to allow users to have a similar colored experience.

If you really need this feature for everyone, please send us this request in the chat widget (bottom right).

Can I create a color condition based on a custom field?

We currently don't have that functionality, but it could be something we add in the future! Instead, try inputting this information in the booking title or notes field and create a condition based on that. If that won't work for you and you would really like this option, please message us in the chat widget (bottom right)!

Can I color code by space?

Yes, but not with the color conditions. Instead, you can add colors as emojis directly to the names of spaces. Copy any emoji character and paste it into the relevant space names (Settings > Spaces). This will look like the emojis in the above screenshot πŸ’§ and πŸ‹ .

Can I add more color options?

We only have 11 options for color coding. If you need more please request this through our chat widget (bottom right) or check out our emoji suggestions above!

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