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How to set up and take payment (on or offline) for Skedda bookings

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Collect and keep track of booking payments automatically using Skedda's online payments feature. Users can be charged for their bookings right away or later on. Choose to accept payment outside of Skedda only (cash, cheque, etc.) or along with online payments.

If you're looking to set up rules for pricing, check out this article!

For more info on payment gateways, receipts, deposits, one-off payments, or refunds check out the FAQs section.

Payment Status

If pricing rules are set up, the payment status field will be shown to System users on the User booking form. Internal and Unavailable type bookings will not have this field.

The payment status will be automatically updated if you are taking online payments through Skedda (see below). If you take payments outside of Skedda this field can be manually changed by System user and this won't trigger user notifications.

Bookings with a price of $0 will show payment status as Not applicable (no charge).

Cancelling Paid Bookings

It is not possible to remove bookings with the status Paid. You will see Remove disabled (paid).

First administer a refund outside of Skedda (if required), mark the booking as Unpaid or No status, and then remove the booking.

Online Payments in Skedda

The Online Payments add-on allows you to take payments and manage chargeable bookings in Skedda through an integration with Stripe. We exclusively partner with Stripe as they build the most powerful and flexible tools for e-commerce.

All payment-method details are securely held within your Stripe payment gateway, whilst the booking details are managed on Skedda.

First review Stripe's website, product offerings, and supported countries. You can set up a Stripe account for free, perfect for looking around and testing out their platform!

Testing the Online Payments Feature

You can test out and see how online payments work on Skedda with our test mode. Run through some 'real-life' booking scenarios with test card details.

  1. Skedda Settings > Online Payments > Step 1: Connect your gateway > Choose test mode

  2. Choose your payment approach. Try one option and then the other!

  3. Test it out! Log out of the owner account and attempt to make a 'public' booking. Login with a test user (Skedda Fred or one you have created). Enter the test card numbers to complete the booking.

Once you've decided that Skedda's online payments feature will work for you or if you'd like to test more intensely with a Stripe trial account, proceed to the next steps for setting up the integration!

Step 1: Stripe Integration - Connecting Skedda to Stripe

Creating an account with Stripe only takes a few minutes!

  1. Skedda Settings > Online Payments > Step 1: Connect your gateway > Choose Use our live gateway...

  2. In another tab open your Stripe account to find your API keys. These may be shown on your Stripe dashboard, but if not click on Developers in the top-right. If you had to click Developers, select API keys.

  3. Save your secret key in a safe place! Stripe has an update for new accounts (or existing accounts that have displayed their secret key) which doesn't allow you to see the secret key again. The only way to get a secret key after viewing it once is to roll it over and create a new key. Doing this means that your old API key will need to be changed to the new one!

  4. Paste your API keys in Skedda and click Connect gateway.

Notice that this particular Stripe account is in test mode (there's a rocker switch at the top-right that says viewing test data). View your live keys once Stripe has verified your business (look for Activate in Stripe's interface to do that). Test keys begin with pk_test and sk_test, while live keys begin with pk_live and sk_live.

Step 2: Payment Approach - Choose when your users will pay


With the upfront payment approach, users are charged in the final step of the booking process. The booking holder's credit card is debited the full booking price. If they are allowed to create a repeating booking, they will pay the total series price in a single transaction. After the booking is complete, it is always locked-in and the holder cannot cancel it themselves (only a System user can remove the booking).

Choose this approach if your organization requires full and immediate payment for the confirmation of a booking, and cancellations are rare (or simply not allowed).

Book Now, Pay Later (BNPL)

With the book now, pay later approach, users are not charged anything immediately to secure a booking. However, the booking holder is required to provide a valid credit card. Card details only need to be added by the user once and are stored securely in your Stripe account's vault.

The book now, pay later approach is ideal if:

  • You often deal with refunds and/or cancellations

  • You want to make the booking process attractive and frictionless for your users

  • You want to offer alternative payment options to your users (e.g. cash on arrival or customized invoicing)

  • You want to have card details for a booking as a security measure, even if you don't plan to charge their booking at all (substitute to deposits)

Charging Bookings

For Book Now, Pay Later, System users can make a charge from any of the scheduler views (day, month, grid and list) if:

  • The booking holder has provided card details through Skedda, either as a part of a booking process or through their user profile page

  • The cancellation window has passed (booking is locked-in) and the user can no longer cancel it

From the list view, it's easy to get a quick overview of which bookings can be charged by the small blue card icon beside bookings.

Alternatively, System users could take payment outside of Skedda and mark the occurrence/series as paid. This is the same as editing the booking and changing the payment status to Paid.

Charge Disabled

If a booking's charge is disabled, click on the ? icon for some additional context.

In this example, firstly the user has not entered card details yet. In the second booking, it is not yet locked-in and the user is still allowed to cancel (based on your booking window & lock-in settings):

Repeating bookings with the Book now, Pay later approach

Regular users can create repeating bookings (if enabled) with online payments. System users can charge an entire booking series by selecting Charge to holder's card from the booking's menu, as with singular bookings.

Charging will only become available when all occurrences of the booking are locked in (i.e. when the holder is no longer able to self-service cancel any of the booking's occurrences based on your configured cancellation policy)

Step 3: Exemptions - Users that don't pay online

This step allows you to choose if any users should be exempt from needing to enter a payment method during the booking process. They will, however, be able to enter card details into Skedda via their "My Profile" page as long as a payment gateway is configured for your venue account. These people may be VIPs, only pay with cash/cheque or pay a membership fee outside of Skedda.

Exempt users, with the Upfront approach, will be able to create bookings without being charged immediately and they do not have to enter card details.

With the Book now, Pay later approach they will be able to create bookings without adding card details to secure their booking.

Admins can charge any booking as long as it has a holder with a payment method, is locked-in, not already charged and not already marked "paid".

Exempt users may still see a price for their booking if pricing conditions have been created for their set of user tags, but they will not be able to enter card details to pay for this from the booking from.


What payment gateways do you support? Can we accept payments through Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, direct debit, bank transfers, e-transfer, crypto currency (Bitcoin), Klarna, Yandex, Qiwi, Skrill, or Afterpay?

  • We have a direct integration with Stripe that accepts credit card. You can still use other payment processors and accept any form of payment (even cash or cheque), but this will have to be recorded manually in Skedda (update payment status).

Why does a user still have to add credit card details if the booking is free?

  • If you've set up online payments and a user is not exempt, they will need to enter card details to make any booking. This allows you to charge for one-off payments and acts as a substitute to a deposit (see below).

Can I charge a user for one-off payments (ex. fees for damage, late or no show fees)?

  • Yes! If you've set up online payments and the user has card details entered in Skedda, then this can be done from their customer profile in your Stripe account:

Can I collect a deposit for bookings?

  • We have a better way to do this! If you have online payments set up, everyone who is not exempt will have to enter payment details even if their booking is free or if you choose the book now pay later approach. Their card will be securely stored in your Stripe account so you can charge for damages, extra fees, or late/no-show/cancellation charges.

    The benefit of this approach is that it avoids payment transactions (ie. charging then refunding). Just make sure all of the possible charges are all clearly covered in your terms and conditions and communicate with a user if you plan to charge their card a second time.

    You might have made certain spaces/hours free, or granted certain user groups $0 pricing, but all non-exempt users will have to enter card details even for these free bookings. This is communicated to the user at the time of booking:

Do users have to enter card details every time they book?

  • No! If you've set up online payments, your users will only have to submit card details once - usually when they make their first booking. They are then stored securely within your Stripe account. This can be updated anytime by the user through My Profile.

Can users remove their card details?

  • Users cannot delete their payment details themselves, only update them. If a user requests that their payment details be removed, they'll need to reach out to an System users with access to the venue Stripe account. Card information can be removed from their customer profile:

Do users receive a receipt for their charged bookings?

  • Yes! With the Upfront payment approach, users will receive receive a booking confirmation email with booking details and payment information:

    With the BNPL approach, users will receive a 'charge' email notification from Skedda when their booking is charged, unless Stripe receipts are enabled.

    The Skedda charge email will purposely not be sent if Stripe receipts are enabled, to avoid the end user receiving two emails with very similar content.

    To enable email receipts in Stripe learn more here and head to:

How can I cancel a paid booking?

  • Refund, change payment status, then cancel/remove. See above!

How do I administer a refund?

  • Do this in Stripe! First find the booking in the list view and copy the Charge reference. Paste this in your Stripe search box. Select the payment and click Refund in the top right. Back in Skedda change the booking's payment status to Unpaid and remove the booking (if required). Reminder: refunds can take 5 - 10 days to reach your customers.

Can Admins (System users) create a chargeable booking on behalf of a user?

  • Yes, but it's not possible for you to enter card details on behalf of a user. This would not be compliant with standard security and Skedda does not act like a point of sale terminal.

    Create the booking and see the price displayed. If the user has entered their card details before you'll be able to charge their booking as described here. If the user has not added their card details yet ask them to do this in My Profile and then charge their booking.

Can I edit the price of a booking after it’s been created?

  • Yes, System users can change the price of a booking from any scheduler view by selecting the edit option. If you have user notifications enabled, the booking holder will be notified of the price change.

    You can also edit the price of a booking that has been marked paid and charged. Skedda will remind the System user to consider charging or refunding any price differences. The charge reference associated with this booking will be for the original amount that you charged the booking holder’s card.

Are online payments available for all countries?

Can I see reports for booking payments/total amount I earned over a certain time?

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