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Users: System and Regular Users and User Tags
User Access Levels / Types: Regular and System Users
User Access Levels / Types: Regular and System Users

Regular Users, Booking Admins, System Admins and the Owner - what can they do?

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There are four types of users in Skedda:

System Users

Navigate to a user in your Users list, select the user's menu with the downwards arrow on the right, then click Edit user. Select what type of user they are in the System Tag field:

Leaving this field blank means they are a Regular User.

You can have an aggregate total of ten system users (i.e. counting all of your Booking Admins, System Admins and the Owner) with Skedda's Flex plan. If you're wondering how many system users are included with your Starter, Plus or Premier subscription, have a look at the chart here!

Regular Users

Regular users can view, create, update and cancel bookings for themselves in accordance with your various rules/conditions (access and visibility settings, booking window, lock-in policy, booking conditions, pricing rules, quota rules, etc.). Learn how to group these users with user tags here!

Regular users cannot see or manage venue users, nor modify any system-level venue settings like policies, spaces or integrations.

You can have an unlimited number of regular users!

Booking Admins

Booking Admins can create, edit and cancel bookings for themselves, as well as on behalf of all other users and the venue. They can also add and manage Regular Users. The vast majority of configured policies on the venue account do not apply to admins when they create a booking, i.e. admins can create bookings that lie outside the hours of availability or that violate booking windows, booking conditions, quota rules etc.

Booking Admins cannot manage any system-level users (i.e. they can't change the Owner, System Admins or other Booking Admins). They also cannot modify any system-level venue settings (rules, spaces or integrations).

For more information on Booking Admin permissions, review this article: Booking Admins.

System Admins

System Admins are highly-trusted users that can do almost everything. That is, they can do everything that Booking Admins can do, as well as modify venue-level settings (policies, spaces, integrations etc), and manage Booking Admin users.

System Admins cannot however manage other System Admin users, nor the Owner user (only the Owner can do these things).


The Owner is the most privileged user type! The Owner can do everything that Booking Admins and System Admins can do, and can additionally manage System Admin users. There can only be one Owner, however, ownership can be transferred by the Owner to another user easily, and at any time.

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