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Access and Visibility

Who can look, who can book, and what do they see?

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Decide who can access your venue, what they're able to do, and customize what they see in your Access & visibility settings page.

This settings page allows you to shape:

Venue access: Who can view the schedule?


Public means your scheduler is visible to anyone who visits your venue's URL (something like


Private means your venue's URL is protected by a login. Only individuals on your users list (i.e. those added by an admin, or those who follow an invitation link) are able to login and view your scheduler.

Booking access: Who can book?

Everyone who can view can also book

This option allows bookings from those who can view your schedule (as chosen under Who can view the schedule). If visibility is set to public and you allow anyone who can view to book, this means that you allow bookings from the public!

Only users with one or more of the following tags can book

This setting allows you to specify that only those users having one or more of a certain set of tags can create bookings. If you choose this option and select no tags, this means that only System users can create bookings for users.

Content visibility rules: What can users see about other users/bookings?

Decide which regular users can view information about other users and their bookings. Note that, regardless of what you do in this settings area, all system users (owner, booking and system admins) will always see all of the information about bookings (holder, title, custom fields).

If no rules are created, regular users won't see any user information and will only see the basics of other bookings (date, time and spaces).

If a user/booking matches multiple rules then the most generous rule (showing the most detail) will be applied.

User visibility rules

Choose which non-admin users can see the booking holder. It is possible to show no information about the booker, certain parts of their information, or all the way up to maximum visibility - full name and organization.

If you have a public venue and anonymous visitors is selected then the only option is to show the booking holder's first name and last initial. This is an intentional system failsafe that is designed to protect the basic integrity of your user personal information!

Below is an example: Anonymous visitors can just see the first name and last initial of all bookers. Front Desk Staff can see the full name and organization of Members.

Booking visibility rules

Choose which non-admin users can see booking titles. Customize the title visibility based on the user, space, booking holder, and booking type.

If the a user tagged with any of ... is chosen in the booking holder section, then the only option for booking type is user. This is because user's cannot hold internal or unavailable type bookings.

In the GIF below, see an example where anonymous visitors can see the booking titles for all bookings (in all spaces with any holder). The staff (Coaches, Front Desk and Maintenance) can see the titles for all internal bookings.

Testing your settings

The quickest and easiest way is to open your venue in a private browsing window (also known as private window). What you see here is what everyone will see when they visit! Then log in with a test user, swap their tags around to see how it will work!

Find more testing info here!

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