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Testing booking and pricing conditions, quotas, and other rules/settings
Testing booking and pricing conditions, quotas, and other rules/settings

Three simple ways to test out your space conditions.

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Conditions and rules do not apply to System users, so you won't see them in action if you're logged in with these privileges. To test out your conditions, we recommend to follow one of the methods below.

Open a private browser window

If your access setting is set to ‘Public’, open an incognito window / private browsing window and go to your venue’s URL ( What you see here is what everyone will see when they visit. 

If you have ‘Private’ mode enabled and have not yet invited users to your venue (i.e. you are still getting set up), then consider changing your access setting to ‘Public’ for this testing phase. When you are happy with your conditions, change your access setting back to ‘Private’.

Use Skedda Fred

Another option is to go to your Users list and find Skedda Fred’s login details. Skedda Fred is your test user - he’s a pro!  If you’re setting up user tags, you can tag Skedda Fred with the tags that you’re keen to test. Perfect for testing out pricing and booking conditions for tagged users!

A second email address

If you have a second email address, add this email address as a user, and voila! You can now log in with your System user email or your non-admin email. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! We'll be happy to check in on your setup before you go live!

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