Using the scheduler as a Regular User

How do non-admin users navigate the schedule and manage their bookings?

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Learn how to explore Skedda and make bookings (if the venue settings permit it).

If you have questions about the venue's scheduler, your user account or bookings, please reach out to the venue directly. Find the venue's contact information (if available) in the bottom bar.

Note: Since every Skedda venue is unique, you may not see some of the items/features described below.

What's available?

Scroll through time in the various spaces and views to see what's going on in the venue. Spaces may be grouped together with Space views. Find this in the top right dropdown menu.

If visible, select the i button next to the space name to learn more about the spaces.

Make a booking

On the schedule the greyed out time is not available either because it is outside of the venue's hours of availability or this time has been blocked automatically with the venue's rules/policies. Feel free to click on it to learn more!

Select a green area on the schedule or, click on the small green + symbol to the bottom right of the screen to create a booking. Regular users need to have an account (possibly with certain permissions) in order to make a booking themselves.

In the New Booking window Regular Users may see the following:

  • A custom note (configured in Custom Booking Information)

  • The booking details (date, time and spaces)

  • An option to repeat the booking

  • An option to add a booking title

  • Various fields to fill in (configured in Custom Fields)

  • An area to add their details (if they are logged in, their details will pre-populate)

  • If Online Payments are setup, there will be an additional area showing the conditions of the chargeable amount and a credit card area.

After confirming the booking the user will receive a booking confirmation email.

If you are a system user (Booking Admin, System Admin, or Owner), you can test out making a booking as a regular user! Here are some instructions.

Edit my booking

Regular users may be able to edit their own bookings depending on the account settings and configured policies. When creating a new booking information about the cancellation/change options is shown at the bottom of the New Booking window.

To edit your booking, find it in the scheduler and click on the chevon symbol or Manage button. From here, choose Edit booking. You can also double click on the block to achieve the same result a little faster.

Make any edits then click Save changes. You will then receive an email confirming your updated booking details.

While all supported changes can be made from the edit screen, the time, duration and spaces of a booking can also be changed by dragging and resizing the booking block directly on the scheduler.

Edit disabled

In some cases it may not be possible for Regular users to edit their bookings. Click on the ? symbol next to Edit disabled to learn why (ex. lock-in policy, marked paid). If you believe you should be able to edit/cancel your booking, but you are unable to, please reach out to the venue directly.

Remove / delete / cancel my booking

The process of removing a booking is similar to editing (shown above) and is also available from the day, month and list views.

Just like with editing, canceling bookings may be disabled. Click the ? symbol to learn why and contact the venue if you have questions about this.

End my booking early

If the booking is currently in progress and the lock-in policy allows it, you may see an option to End early. This truncates the booking and makes the unused time available for others to book!

Duplicate / clone my booking

Regular users can duplicate any of their own bookings (assuming that a new booking with the same attributes is still allowed by the venue's configured policies).

This option is available from any scheduler view in the booking dropdown along with the edit, cancel, and end early options shown above. The New Booking modal is shown with the duplicated booking information, ready for fine-tuning and confirmation. Conflicts are never allowed in Skedda, so at the very minimum the date/time/spaces of the duplicate booking need to be adjusted.

If the source booking has a price and a non-default payment status (e.g. "paid"), then the payment status is reset in the duplicated booking (i.e. set to either "unpaid" or "not set"). That is, the payment status of a booking is never duplicated.


I'm not able to make a booking! I'm getting weird errors. What do I do?

  • If you're running into unexpected errors, read them thoroughly (usually the answer is in the error message).

  • Check that you're logged in! You should see your name and email in the profile page (bottom left person icon).

  • Try refreshing the page.

  • If that doesn't work, there may be an issue with your user account. Perhaps you have not been given the right permissions or the venue doesn't accept the booking you're trying to make. Please contact the venue to help! Find the venue's contact information (if available) in the bottom bar.

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