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Individual users and the venue can receive detailed emails for a variety of booking actions. Enabled these to keep everyone up to date!

Note: If you're looking for the email that arrives after a user creates a booking, see Booking Confirmation Email.

There are two types of notifications within Skedda:

and there is a possibility to set up more (Admin and other notifications)!

To learn more about reminder emails, customization, and more check out the FAQs section.

User Notifications

Notify users when a system user (like a Booking Admin) does something on their behalf

User notifications send an email to the user's email address when a system user:

  • manually adds them as a venue user

  • makes a booking on their behalf

  • modifies one or more of their bookings.

    • Note: only sent if the change is important (change to the booking start, duration, spaces, repeat behavior or price)

  • charges their booking

  • cancels one or more of their bookings

Example email:

For zero-cost access accounts, this email will also include "Powered by" at the bottom.

Venue Notifications

Notify the venue when a user creates, updates or cancels a booking

Venue notifications send an email to the venue's contact email address when a user:

  • creates a booking

  • updates a booking

  • cancels a booking or ends it early

Note: venue notifications are not sent if a system user (i.e. a Booking Admin, a System Admin or the Owner) makes the change. It's assumed that if an admin is taking the action, the venue already knows about this.

Add the venue email in the Settings > Basics > Contact Email

Important note:

If Visitor Management is active on your account (relevant to Premium/Workplace-level subscriptions only), your venue email address will also receive notifications when a user:

  • creates a visit

  • updates a visit

  • cancels a visit

System-user and Other Notifications

We don't support system-user notifications at this stage. If you'd like, for example, a group of Booking Admins to be notified of user bookings you can either;

  • Set up an email integration using Zapier (this is part of the Integrations Add-on)

  • Set up an email forwarding rule from your venue contact email address (which receives the Venue Notifications as described above)


Can I set up reminder email/notification for users?

Do I get notified when a user creates, updates or cancels a booking?

Can I resend the invitation email/notification to a user?

  • Yes! If you have manually added a user, but did not have the user notifications enabled, you can send an invitation notification using the Send login-rest link button. Go to the users list, find the user, click then on the down arrow and then Send login-reset link:

Can I change the email address the notifications come from?

  • No, we can't change the email address ( for these notifications.

Can I customize the email notification content?

  • The only customization for these emails is your venue name, brand color, and venue contact email (all set up in Settings > Basics). It's not possible to change this email format/content.

Can I send a custom email message to all of my users?

  • We do not allow sending emails en-masse to your users through Skedda. This is to preserve the integrity/reputation of our outgoing email addresses. However, you can export user information from the users list, compile the emails, and send an email from your an email address that you manage.

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