Note: If you're looking for the email that arrives after a user creates a booking, see Booking Confirmation Email.

Click into Settings > Notifications.

The two types of notifications sent are 1) user notifications and 2) venue notifications. 

User Notifications

User notifications send an email to the user's email address when an admin:

  • manually adds them as a venue user

  • makes a booking on their behalf

  • modifies one or more of their bookings (note that an email is only sent in this case if the change is "important", i.e. a change is made to the booking start, duration, spaces, repeat behavior or price)

  • charges their booking

  • cancels one or more of their bookings

Here's an example of a user notification:

Venue Notifications

Venue notifications send an email to the venue's nominated email address when a user:

  • creates a booking, or

  • cancels a booking or ends it early

Note: venue-directed notifications do not fire if an admin creates/cancels a booking, because it's assumed that an admin taking the action is representative for the venue knowing about the action.

You can add the venue's nominated email in the Settings > Basics area.

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