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Skedda + Zapier Introduction
Skedda + Zapier Introduction

Create Zapier Integrations to automate your routine tasks associated with your Skedda bookings

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Zapier allows you to integrate Skedda with thousands of other apps so you can automate your workflows. Think of Zapier as the middle-man that transfers data from Skedda to other applications.

At this stage, Skedda offers one-way integrations, which means that data can go from Skedda to the other application, not the other way around.

Before you get started, keep in mind that if you need a paid subscription for Zapier, this is separate from your Skedda subscription. You may be able to use Zapier for free if you have simple Zaps that don't run too much. Take a look at their pricing here.

If you get stuck, check out our FAQs section at the bottom.

Zap Components

There are three main parts to remember when creating a Zapier automation (Zap).


This is what starts your Zap. Refer to our dedicated article on the various triggers you can use for Skedda bookings.

Learn how to connect Skedda to Zapier with you API key here.

Filter or Path

Filters can be added, so that the Zap only continues if a custom condition is met.

A Path splits up the Zap to perform different actions based on different conditions. Paths use conditional, if/then logic: if a user books Space A, then send email A, if Space B is booked, then send email B, and so on.

Here is an example video showing how to set up paths to send out an email to either or both the Catering and AV teams when a new Skedda booking is created.


An Action is an event a Zap performs after it is triggered. This might be to send an email, draft a Xero or Quickbooks invoice or create a Trello card. Each Zap can have multiple actions, for example, create an invoice and send an email when a new Skedda booking is made or format the data and send a door access link 15 minutes before a booking starts.

Create a Zap

Step 1: Find an app to connect to

The first step is to make sure the application you want to integrate with is here. There are hundreds of new, innovative and recognized applications for invoicing, CRM, team-communications, SMS, email and more! If your app isn't there, you may still be able to create a connection. Read more about this here.

If you are not sure what application to integrate with, reach out to us in the Skedda in-app chat and we'll be happy to help.

Step 2: Create a Zapier account

The next step is to login to your Zapier Account. If you don’t already have a Zapier account, create one at

Step 3: Create the Zap

Select Create a Zap from the sidebar.

Step 4: Choose a trigger

You can choose which trigger to use with the help of this article. It's usually a new Skedda booking (more info here) or an event start in a synced calendar.

Step 5: Finish the Zap

Now it gets interesting! It's time to select any filters, paths, data formatting or online tools to connect too. There are thousands of options within Zapier!

From this point each app is different. Below you can see that Gmail has a lot of event options!

When one of these options is selected, Zapier will guide you through the process of linking that application to Zapier too.

You can browse some of our most common use-cases and use them as a starting point!

If you have issues while creating a Zap, please first consult Zapier's help center and then reach out to us if you're stuck. We use Zapier quite a bit, so we should be able to help!


Where can I find my API key?

  • In your Integrations settings page. Learn how to set up the Skedda Zapier triggers using your API key in this article.

Does Skedda have an open API?

  • No, currently we just have the ability to create integrations via Zapier. If the app you'd like to connect to isn't supported in Zapier but has an open API, then you can connect to it! Learn more here.

Can I send data into Skedda from other apps?

  • Not at this moment. Skedda's integrations are one-way only (from Skedda to the outside app).

Do I have to pay for Zapier and Skedda?

  • This depends! In Skedda and Zapier each subscription depends on what you need. Here is Zapier's pricing. If you have a Skedda venue already check your subscriptions page for pricing. You will need the integrations add-on to connect to Zapier.

Automatic Notifications/Emails/Texts FAQs

Can I send different email content depending on what the booking is?

Can I send a group of individuals a notification of a new user booking?

  • Yes! You can create a Zap that sends an email through your email provider to numerous people based on a new Skedda booking.

    You may instead be able to use an email forwarding rule in your inbox alongside your venue notifications (ex. email the entire admin team about Skedda bookings).

Can SMS messages/notifications be sent for new bookings?

Can I connect to ... ?


  • You can create an automatic connection through Zapier so that each new user booking in Skedda creates a new invoice in Quickbooks. Invoices will be waiting in Quickbooks for you to approve them!

  • If you manage lots of cancellations and recurring booking series, you can do this manually through a periodic (weekly/monthly) export from Skedda and import into Quickbooks. Here is a video that outlines how to do this.



  • Check out our Zapier template for this here.


  • Here's a template to send a Slack channel message when a new user booking is added to Skedda.


  • Use Zapier to Add/Update a Mailchimp Subscriber every time a new user booking is created in Skedda. Here's the template!

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