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Connect to apps NOT supported in Zapier
Connect to apps NOT supported in Zapier

Spoiler: We're still going to use Zapier...

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Though we don't offer an open API for Skedda at the moment, integrations can still be built from Zapier or using the external calendar sync.

Just like with our regular Zapier integration and calendar sync functionality, all connections to Skedda are one-way - from Skedda โ†’ out to the external app. There is currently no way to send information into Skedda automatically.


If the app you would like to connect to isn't listed in Zapier's Apps, but has an open/public API, you can still connect it to Skedda using Zapier's Webhooks tool!

Zapier Webhooks are an extremely powerful tool for sending information to apps with an open API. Here is Zapier's article on Webhook actions.

This requires a small amount of searching through API documents and coding (or at least copy/pasting). If you aren't comfortable with this many of our customers hire freelance Zapier developers, for example from Upwork. The Skedda support team may also be able to help with Skedda or Zapier related questions, so please reach out if you're stuck!

If you think the app you're trying to connect to Skedda could benefit many Skedda customers, let us know! We may be able to help develop the integration. We've done this with Kisi for electronic locks!

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