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Skedda Zapier Trigger Setup
Skedda Zapier Trigger Setup

Connect your Skedda venue to Zapier for use in a Zap trigger

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If you've chosen to use the Skedda Zapier trigger from the options outlined here, this is how to set it up!

Set up the Skedda Trigger

Step 2. Search for Skedda in the Trigger step.

Step 3. Choose the Trigger Event - User or Internal.

Connect Zapier to Skedda

Step 4. Sign into your Skedda venue account in Zapier.

Find the API key in your Integrations settings page.

> Integrations > API Key > Show key

Copy this key and paste it into the Zapier pop-up window. Then enter your Skedda subdomain.


Step 5. Test the Trigger

Make sure you have a recent booking in your Skedda venue, then click Test Trigger.

Next steps

Step 6. Complete the rest of your Zap

Head back to our main article to learn more about finishing up your Zap.

If you have multiple Skedda venues, each of these can be connected to your Zapier account in the same way. When choosing the account click the button + Connect a new account.

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