Creating bookings couldn’t be easier with Skedda! 

  • Click on the scheduler, drag down to extend the time, and click on “book”. You can also move the booking block around, up / down and side to side.

  • When you have selected a time, a small + will show on other spaces that are also bookable at that time, for multi-space bookings.

  • Or, click on the small green + symbol to the bottom right of your screen.

The Booking Modal/Window

A User Booking

Create bookings for existing users, for yourself or for the anonymous 'Casual user'. You can also create a new user inline and apply any user tags in the process.

If you have pricing rules configured, the Price and Payment Status fields will additionally be shown and will automatically update the price depending on the user and the state of the booking. See our pricing rules doc for further information on configuring pricing if it's relevant for your case!

Internal User

An internal booking is one that does not have a user assigned to it. This booking type is identified on the scheduler with a little house symbol. This is perfect for venue-wide bookings.


An unavailable booking also does not have a user assigned to it. This booking type is viewable on the scheduler with a little stop symbol or "ban" icon. This is perfect for blocking out spaces for things like closed days, public holidays and maintenance/cleaning blocks.

Note for space sharing, you can make one space "unavailable" without affecting the other spaces that are connected to it.

Booking Types can be filtered on the list view:

And easily recognised on the day and month views. In this example colour rules are also in play! 

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