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What are user tags and how do I manage them?

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User tags are just a way of adding one or more attributes/labels to a user. Once a user has tags, their Skedda experience will be dictated by the rules and policies that you have specified for this tag. A user can have more than one tag. Note that Regular users do not see their tags.

Settings in the system that can be shaped by tags

  • Access and Visibility: Segment out who can book, for example: only users with the Community tag can book.

  • Space visibility: Decide who can view your spaces. For example only users with the Staff tag can see your internal meeting room space. 

  • Booking Conditions: Set booking conditions by tag, for example: users with the Interns tag cannot book on weekends.

  • Pricing Rules: Set pricing rules by tag, for example: users with the Friends tag pay $10/hr after 6PM (everyone else pays $15/hr).

  • Online Payments: Exempt users from the normal payment approach with tags, for example: only users with the Friends of and Interns tag get to skip paying upfront with a credit / debit card.

  • Quota Rules: You can limit the overall usage of individuals with a tag, or the entire collective group of users with a tag, in a given time period. For example, you can limit users tagged with "Students" to 2 hours per week, and users tagged with "Members" to 5 hours per week.

  • Window Rules: You can control advance-notice requirements for bookings by user tag. One neat use-case here is the ability to give preferential/early booking access to certain user types (e.g. "Members" can book the Studio up to 14 days out, whereas all other users can only book it up to 7 days out).

  • Custom Fields: You can vary the inclusion of custom fields based on user tags. For example, perhaps the "What's the name of your school?" question is only applicable to users with the "Student" tag.

  • Booking coloring: You can color bookings automatically based on the booking holder's tags. For example, perhaps bookings for "Members" should be purple!

  • Repeat bookings: You can grant/limit the ability to create repeating/recurring bookings based on tags. For example, perhaps "Members" are allowed to create recurring bookings, but "Students" are not.

Create a user tag

Click into Users > Manage Tags. Here, you can create and edit tags, as well as invite users to Skedda with user tags.

Users without tags

Users who are not tagged must also be considered! Skedda assumes that everyone can book, unless you set up access and visibility rules and booking conditions that prevent them from booking. Additionally, if you are allowing the public to self-register, they will be registering without a user tag. Consider the booking and pricing conditions that your public / non-tagged users should experience.

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