The Quota feature allows the defining of quota rules based on the variables below:

  • The bookable space

  • The custom user tag

  • Individual quota or group quota

  • The timeframe / period of day, week, or month

Here are some examples of Quotas in action:

  • Limit individuals to a per-user maximum of 4 hours per day across all spaces.

  • Limit individuals with the user tag 'Student' to a per-user maximum of 10 hours per week across Room 101 and Room 102.

  • Limit the group of users with the tag 'Third-Floor Tenant' to a total group maximum of 50 hours per calendar month across Meeting Room A, Meeting Room B.

Quotas are part of the PRO Pack, check in here for all features included with PRO.

How to create a booking quota

By default users will be able to create an unlimited number of bookings across all spaces.

To create a quota, click into Settings > Quotas. Click on '+ add a quota rule'. 

Choose who to limit, choose the usage in hours, choose the timeframe / period in days, weeks or months and choose the bookable spaces the rule is for.

To test out your quota rules, use 'Skedda Fred', the test-login on the Users Page, or an email address that does not have Owner / Admin access. Change the test-login user tags accordingly to test out quotas across your user tags.

Quotas for your users

Once quota rules have been configured, non-admin users will see an informative error message if they attempt to make a booking that goes over an applicable quota rule. 

Non-admin users can see their usage for a selected date range under 'My bookings' on the list view:


  • Currently, up to 20 unique quota rules are allowed.

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