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Booking Conditions

Decide who, when and how user can make bookings (min/max duration, blocks/time slots, deny rules and more)

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Booking conditions can be set up to deny certain bookings. Skedda will allow all bookings by default unless a rule/setting (condition, quota, hours of availability, etc.) denies it.

Check out the FAQs section to see all of the different things you can do with conditions!

Booking conditions intro

Conditions ensure that your users can only book what/when they are allowed to. You won't need to continuously check that they are abiding by your rules or have an approval/requests process. This is all automated and will save you admin work!

Here are some examples of popular booking conditions:

  • "We want to enforce a maximum booking time of two hours on Saturdays after 5pm"

  • "We always require that bookings are strictly one hour in duration"

  • "We require that bookings are in strict two-hour blocks, starting only at 10am, 12am, 2pm, 4pm, or 6pm"

  • "We want to prevent users tagged with Members from booking on Sundays before 2pm"

Booking conditions do not apply to System users! They can break your rules and book at any time, for anyone, irrespective of your settings, hours of availability and booking conditions.

Conditions are applied in addition to your venue's other rules/settings such as Hours of Availability and Booking Window settings. That is, even if your booking conditions are such that a user isn't denied booking, they might still be unable to book if this would violate your other rules/settings. The user will see an informative message in such cases.

You can create up to 1000 booking conditions (which should hopefully be way more than enough)!

Create a booking condition

In Settings > Conditions click + Add condition.  Select a template to get you started. If none fit, then just choose A basic condition I can tune.

You can customize conditions by space, day of week, time of day, booking duration and holder tags. 

Note that the time granularity / time increment of your scheduler will affect booking conditions. For example, if you have set the time granularity to 30 minutes, then conditions will be defined by 30 minute increments too. You can change your time granularity in Settings > Basics.

Test out your conditions with these instructions.


How can I create set blocks of time that users can book? Ex. only 9am - 11:30, 12-1, 2:30-5, etc.

  • You're looking to establish what we like to call "strict booking blocks". This is briefly described in the video at the top of this article, or more thoroughly here:

How can I make a space only bookable by System users, but still visible to everyone?

  • We have a few options for this! First set the space visibility so that everyone can see the space. Then create a condition and select the space(s) and time you would like blocked. Then create either of the following conditions. The first one blocks using user tags.

  • The second option is based on your time granularity. Choose the smallest amount of time possible, this way all bookings will have to be at least this amount of time; therefore, all will be denied!

I have a really complex set up and can't quite get it set up. What do I do?

  • Reach out to us using the chat widget in the bottom right. We'll try our best to help out! In your message please describe exactly what you're aiming to do.

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