Creating recurring bookings as an Admin

Admins can create recurring/repeating bookings by day, week, month or year. Choose the frequency, an end by date, an occurrence number and add exceptions!

Editing and removing recurring bookings as an Admin

Recurring bookings can be removed and edited from the day, month and list views.

Choose to edit a 'single occurrence', 'this and following occurrences', or 'the entire series':

By changing an occurrence, you are separating it from the series and turning it into an independently-managed, single-occurrence booking.

Your Regular (non-admin) Users

By default, non-admin users can create recurring bookings in the same way as admins: by day, week, month or year. Skedda is clever and will of course respect all of your venue policies when they do this. For example, they'll see a helpful error if they try to create a repeating booking with an occurrence that violates your booking window, your booking conditions or your hours of availability. Additionally, if you've enabled pricing, all the occurrences must have the same price (they'll be told to create create separate repeating bookings for any occurrences which are subject to different pricing).

If you don't want non-admin users to be able to create recurring bookings, you can choose to enable this feature only for users with certain tags (or nobody at all). This setting can be found under Venue settings > Lock-in & Repetition

Recurrences with Pricing

If you have pricing configured and a repeating series is created (by any user), we'll show the full series price under the price field (the occurrence count multiplied by the occurrence price). This example is in the admin view:

Recurrences with online payments enabled

For the 'Book now, Pay later' payment approach, or if an Admin creates a recurring series on behalf of a user, Admins can charge a complete repeating booking series. As with the non-repeating case, just select Charge to holder's card from the booking's menu. See this in action:

Note that the charge option will only become available when all occurrences of the booking are locked in (i.e. when the holder is no longer able to self-service cancel any of the booking's occurrences based on your configured cancellation policy as chosen under the 'Booking window & lock-in' setting area).

For the 'Upfront' approach, regular users can create a repeating booking and pay the total series price in a single transaction! Here's how this looks in the booking flow for a regular user with upfront payments set up:

If you are at the deciding stage as to which payment approach will suit your venue, reach out and we'll be happy to help with this decision and provide more information on setting up online payments!

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