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Basics: Culture, Time and Currency
Basics: Culture, Time and Currency
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These Basics settings are the bones of your venue. Choose these correctly once and you're set!

Time Settings:

Field Default Setting:

Cultural Settings:

Learn more about these settings in the FAQs section.


Skedda needs to know the current time at your venue to apply concepts like windows and lock-in times. This is also crucial to communicate booking information with external systems (e.g. through calendar syncing).

It's very important to choose right region for Daylight Saving Time changes. Skedda automatically shifts the calendar, so you don't have to worry about this! For example, if you live in London choose (UTC+00:00 Britain (UK)) Europe/London all year long. Do not choose UTC+1 during Daylight Saving Time and don't choose other regions that are UTC+0 because they may not have Daylight Saving Time.

Time granularity

This is the smallest unit of divisible time across the platform. Choose the smallest amount of time that makes sense for your venue. You can choose between 15 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins and 1 hour. The default selection is 30 minutes.

Keep in mind that this changes the look of your scheduler, for example, if you choose 15 minutes, your scheduler will show 4 booking blocks per hour. Users will be able to book every 15 minutes and be able to book a minimum time of 15 minutes.

Example scenarios:

  • Spaces available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, bookings always start on the hour and have a duration that is a multiple of one hour. Select a one-hour time granularity to keep things simple!

  • Bookings will always be based on the hour, but you want a 15 minute buffer. Set 15 minutes for the time granularity.

  • Users can book every 30 minutes, but with a minimum booking duration of 1 hour. Set the time granularity to 30 minutes and create a booking condition to only allow bookings over 1 hour.

Default payment status for priced bookings

Choose how the payment status field will be automatically populated for new non-admin bookings (not subject to upfront online payment). This will also be the editable default for system user created bookings.

Choose No status if you don't want to track payment status or you always want to set it yourself.


The culture setting determines how numbers, dates, times and prices are formatted. It's not used for translating in-app labels and messages to other languages; currently these can only be displayed in English. Learn about translating here in the FAQs.

See in the GIF below how this setting looks in the schedule page and booking form.

First day of the week

The chosen first day of the week will be used when the sequence of days of the week are important. It will be the first one show in the date pickers and wall-calendar/week views. This is also used for recurrence rules, Quotas, and Insights calculations.

See in the GIF below how this setting looks in the schedule page.


Choose which form of currency you accept. Any time a price is displayed based on pricing rules or for online payments, it will be measured in this currency. Ignore if pricing is not applicable.

The currency will automatically be set to match the Culture of your account when you sign up, but this can be changed at any time.


What languages is Skedda available in? Is Skedda available in French, Spanish, German? Can Skedda be billingual?

  • For the moment Skedda's information/tooltips are only available in English, but we may look at supporting other languages in the future. You are able to set specific Culture settings in Basics for formatting numbers and times, and to display the dates in another language.

    We have also found that the Google Chrome translation tool within the webpage works pretty well! There may be some issues when using this tool with drop-down menus and date pickers. It's best to use Skedda in English, temporarily translate the page for clarity, then switch back to English to complete your tasks.

    Here is a video of how to do this in French. And here's how it looks in Spanish for example:

Can I change the time increment used?

Can I have my bookings start/end anytime? For example, I'm a school with blocks of 8:32 - 9:51am, 10:02 - 11: 24am, etc.

  • At the moment no, the smallest time granularity we offer is 15 minutes. We suggest you squeeze your bookings into the 15 minute time granularity, but inform your users of the actual timing.

How do I change the currency listed?

  • This setting is in Basics > under Culture, Time and Currency

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