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Basics: Venue Details and Subdomain
Basics: Venue Details and Subdomain

Set your venue name, contact information and subdomain in the Basics settings

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In the Basics settings page fill in important details about your venue. Your users will see this information in a variety of places, such as email communications, informative pop-ups, and more!

Check out the FAQs section if you run into a tricky situation!

Venue Name

Choose a very clear venue name, but try to keep this short - 40 characters max. Your users will see this name everywhere!

The short venue name is for mobile screens. We recommend an abbreviation or acronym of your venue name - 10 characters max!

Venue Contact Details

Email, Phone, Address, Website

The phone number, address, and website information are all shown as part of your venue's contact information in the app pop-ups and emails. Below is an example of how this will appear to users if they try to make a booking while in read-only mode.

The region you select for the phone number will be the default selected region for your users when they enter their phone number.

The contact email is also used for venue notifications.

Business Number

This number is shown to users at the bottom of your Skedda schedule. It's not used for any other purpose. See BIZ123 in the example gif below:


It's possible to change your venue subdomain up to 5 times. It must only contain letters and numbers.

Entering helpcenter, for example, will make your account URL

Enter the new subdomain you'd like and click Change subdomain. The change will occur instantaneously and your previous subdomain(s) will redirect to your new one.


Can I remove Skedda from the domain? Can I use my own domain?

  • No, we currently don't support the ability to use your own domain (e.g. for your Skedda account. This is primarily for security reasons (i.e. the requirement for a valid SSL certificate for secure HTTPS communication).

  • You can however embed your Skedda scheduler in your website. Learn more here!

The subdomain I want isn't available. What can I do?

  • Chances are it's already been taken by someone else. In that case you'll have to pick a different one. Try or

  • If you have a really unique venue subdomain and you think there's been a mistake, for example someone else in your organization has also created a venue, please reach out to us in the chat widget.

I can't get the subdomain I want on the venue I've been working on because I created multiple venues while testing things out. Can you help?

  • Yes! Reach out to us in the chat widget. We can help delete the account you're not going to use and switch over the subdomain with the help of our technical team.

Can I have two subdomains (multiple venues) under one email address? Can I set up multiple venues on Skedda?

  • Yes! Create another Skedda venue the same way you did your first one here.

    If your venue operates across multiple locations in the same timezone, consider using the Views feature to group spaces by buildings and sites. However, if your locations are across time zones, or act independently with respect to the administration team, online payments or basic contact details, then it’s best to set up multiple Skedda venue accounts!

    If a user is associated with more than one venue, they can easily switch from one venue account to another using the switcher control in the bottom left navigation bar.

    An individual could have Owner access on one venue account, Booking Admin access on another venue account, and Regular access on yet another venue account!

Can I change my venue name?

  • Yep! This is the first field in the Basics settings page.

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