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Embed Skedda on your website
Embed Skedda on your website

Your Skedda scheduler can be embedded on your website!

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Embed the Skedda scheduler in your own website. Users will be able to see the schedule and make bookings without leaving your website! Popular website providers like Wordpress, Wix and Squarespace are supported.

Learn more about security, the mobile interface, and error messages in the FAQs section.

Embedding options

Find the embedding options in the Integrations setting page.

Simple link

The first option is the code for a simple "Book now" button on your website. This link opens Skedda in an isolated/full/new browser tab.

This is the best and easiest option because it takes up very little space on your website, forces HTTPS communication for optimal security, and works well on with mobile devices. Read more about this down in the FAQs.

Embedded scheduler

The second option is the Embedded Scheduler. This displays the full scheduler within your own website. The only requirement here is that you have the ability to insert HTML iframe markup into your page source.

Adjust the width and height numbers to fit your website.

Note that the link includes an "embedded" query parameter which additionally hides the normal navigation bar from the embedded view. You're free to remove the "embedded" parameter if you do wish to have the navigation bar also show up.

Customizing the embed links

Show your users or bring them to a specific Skedda page by customizing the link in your embed code.

Map links

To display a specific map/floorplan, include its map ID. For example, to show the Level 3 map in our Skedda Office demo with option 2 (embedded scheduler), the URL in the iframe code would be:

Navigate to a specific map in the scheduler to find the map ID in the URL bar:

Space view links

You also have the ability to tune your website-embedding code to correspond to a particular space view.
For example, you might have one page on your website that explains your "Rooms", and another that explains your "Studios". With this feature, you can embed one scheduler on each page, one with the "Rooms" code and another with the "Studios" code.

Scheduler view links

The embed code can be edited to show a specific scheduler view (Day, Month, Grid, List or Map). For example, goes to the Month view.

&viewtype=0 is the Day view (this is the default if Maps aren't enabled)

&viewtype=1 is the Grid view

&viewtype=2 is the List view

&viewtype=3 is the Month view

If Maps are enabled then that is the default view and no extra code is necessary.


Copy the HTML code from either option and insert it into the page source of your own website.

If you're using Skedda at zero-cost, you'll also see some attribution requirements (we ask that you kindly support us and respect these attribution requirements).


Is the data input to Skedda still secure on my website?

  • Yep! If your website does not use HTTPS (with a valid SSL certificate), we recommend to take the simple approach (i.e. the basic link which opens Skedda in a new tab). This is because your users might get concerned when looking at their browser address bar (showing your insecure website URL) during the booking process and think that their data-entry and personal details are open to eavesdropping, when in reality they are very secure and just in Skedda! This is particularly relevant when taking online payments for bookings.

Will the embed view work on mobile?

  • Yes! But if your own website is not cleanly-optimized for mobile usage, we recommend that you take the simple approach (i.e. the basic link which opens Skedda in a new tab). An embedded scheduler on a webpage with poor mobile optimization leads to a poor experience for users on mobile devices.

Why do some of my users see a "Launch booking system" button instead of the embedded schedule?

  • Due to top-notch security some browsers deflect embedded content, even if it's coming from safe provider (such as us). This will force your users to visit Skedda directly through a "Launch booking system" button. It's never an issue to open Skedda directly in a new tab!

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