Space Views: Set up views/locations/areas

Organize your spaces into groups - useful for locations, buildings, floors etc.

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Space views allow you to quickly filter the all of the different schedulers by space! Find these views in the Spaces dropdown at the top right of the scheduler pages (check out the end of this article for where to look in the app!)

What is a space view?

Views arrange your spaces into sensible groups so that you can focus just on particular locations/areas/buildings/floors of your venue at a time.


  • Buildings in multiple cities (within the same timezone): Each city could be a space view.

  • Different types of equipment in your spaces: Each space view could help users filter for these items (standing desks, desks with monitors, rooms with projectors).

  • Groups of space types: Each type of space (room, desk, lounge area, parking) would be a view.

  • Numerous floors in a building: Each floor is a view (Floor 1, Floor 2, Parking, Roof)

Views are shared with all users (system users and regular (non-admin) users). The only exception to this is that a view will not be visible to a user if all of the spaces in it are not visible to that user (based on space visibility settings).

Creating and managing space views

From the Spaces dropdown, Owners and System Admins are able to quickly create and edit views. Creating a view is as simple as giving it a name and choosing the spaces it should contain.

Edit or remove these views at any point from this window as well.

Space view-specific links

Each space view has a dedicated link. Find this in the URL bar once you have selected the view.

Use these specific links to direct users to certain views. Keep in mind that if the user has the ability to view spaces outside of this view, they will be able to use the dropdown menu to find the other spaces.

On the integrations page, you have the ability to tune your website-embedding code to correspond to a particular space view. Find more information about this in the embedding article.

Space views on the go

If you're using a mobile device or the Skedda app, you can find your Views by clicking on the search icon as shown below.

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