Zapier gives you the power to integrate Skedda with hundreds of other apps to automate your work.

Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Log into your Skedda account.

2. Click the 'Settings' icon from the Skedda settings menu & choose 'Venue Profile' from the dropdown list.

3. Find the 'Integrations' section and locate the 'API Key (For Zapier) 

5. Click 'Show key' and copy the API key to your clipboard.

6. Login to your Zapier Account. If you don’t already have a Zapier account, create one free at

7. Select 'Make a Zap!'

8. Type Skedda into the search bar and select it when it displays.

9. You will then need to choose the "trigger". At the moment there are two options. The first is when a new booking is created for a user (made either by the admin or the user themselves). The second is when a booking is created for internal purposes (made by an admin).

10. Click button 'Connect a New Account'.

11. Complete the name of your Skedda subdomain and paste the API key that you copied earlier.

12. Now it gets interesting! It's time to select the online tool to connect. There are hundred of options within Zapier. You can use the search bar to see the options. 

13. From this point each app is different in the 'Actions' it allows you to create. In the option below you can see that Gmail is showing the options to 'Create Draft' or 'Create Email'.

14. When one of these options are selected, Zapier will then guide you through the process to setup the remainder of the automation (or 'Zap')!

If you like, you can also browse some of our most common use-cases (see the list below) and use them as a starting point. And of course, please feel free to contact us via the in-app messenger if you have any issues.

Happy Zapping!

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