Note: If you're looking to create a user account in an existing Skedda venue, please head to their URL ( If you don't know this, reach out to the venue directly.

Setting up a venue account with Skedda is quick and easy. You can delete the venue account at any time if you feel that it's not what you are looking for.

First, head here and choose Flex or Workplace. Workplace will automatically put you on our Premium level and it includes many pre-loaded maps and settings. Choose Flex instead if you would like to try Core or Pro with any of the add-ons and build up your account from scratch.

Wondering what to set for each field?

  • Your venue's name: We recommend something that your visitors and community are familiar with, such as "Downtown Spaces". This can be changed later under The Venue Profile settings > Basics.

  • Your subdomain: This should be something that your visitors and community will recognize, as it will form your unique Skedda URL and sharing link. If you type in "thisplace", for example, you'll get the Skedda URL You can change your subdomain later as well. You cannot use punctuation or spaces.

  • Your first name and last name: Type your name. You can change your name at any stage under the "My Profile" area of your account.

  • Your email address: Type your email address. You can change your email at any stage under the "My Profile" area of your account.

As you are setting up the venue account, you will be the Owner of the venue account. We don't recommend to share logins, instead learn more on adding System or Regular users with these instructions.

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