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Start a free 30 day trial with Skedda
Start a free 30 day trial with Skedda

Does Skedda offer a trial? How does it work? How do I enable it?

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Whether you are looking to use Skedda to manage your hybrid workplace, sports court, art studio, or community center, you can easily test it out first with a 30-day free trial. We don't ask for card details to start a trial meaning you can trial Skedda on your terms, without the worry of starting a paid subscription.

Looking to manage your hybrid office space? Try Skedda's premium feature plans with a bunch of preloaded maps and settings, by creating your free 30-day trial account here.

Not a workplace? Try out Skedda's Flex plan by signing up for your 30-day trial here.

We'll send a friendly reminder as the trial end date is nearing, reminding you to add your card details to your subscription page.
For more information, click on your subscription page or reach out to us directly.

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