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Give your users a compelling and interactive perspective on your spaces and a super-simple way to view availability and book.

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Skedda supports interactive vector-based (SVG) maps and floor plans that scale and look brilliant on all devices. These maps and floor plans are shown on the scheduler 'MAP' mode...a natural complement to the other scheduler modes (Day, Month, Grid and List).

Here's a short video showing a user interacting with an example map: Scanning availability, reviewing bookings and creating a new reservation.

In detail, the Skedda maps feature...

  • supports the integration of multiple maps (e.g. Floor 1, Floor 2, …),

  • is based completely on vector-based graphics (SVGs) that scale and look brilliant on all devices,

  • uses "hot spots" that are directly hooked up to your relevant Skedda spaces,

  • has a time-of-day range-slider for quickly reviewing availability across the day,

  • shows the status of each space as available/unavailable,

  • supports hovering over any space on the map to view its bookings for the day,

  • supports booking-creation directly from the map (i.e. clicking/tapping on a space),

  • includes space visuals, and descriptions of spaces, that are visible once a space is clicked on.

Obviously, all venues are different and have their own beautiful maps! If you're interested in using your own maps in your Skedda venue account, head to Settings > Floor plans & maps. There you can reach out to us and share any existing map files that you may have. We'll then work with you to generate your maps in the crisp, interactive format shown above.

Note that this feature is included with Skedda's Starter, Plus and Premier feature plans only.

Our support team looks forward to hearing from you!

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