By default, your venue is accessed with your unique venue URL or share-link. When you're logged into Skedda you'll find it in the browser's URL bar, for example

If you're planning on taking bookings from the general public, share your venue URL on something like your website or Facebook page. It's that easy! Anyone visiting your venue URL can then register when they create their first self-service booking.

If you have configured things for a more special setup (e.g. private mode or custom behavior using tags), then you may like or need to send out invitation links instead as discussed below.

How do I invite users to Skedda?

There are two ways to add users to Skedda from your Users list. Note that adding users to Skedda is only necessary with some access settings, and if you are planning to use user tags. Check your access and visibility settings and the previous text if you are not sure!

1. Manually add a user

Add the user's details and optionally give them a set of custom tags. For more information on user tags, click into the next article: User Tags.

The user will be sent an email invitation, inviting them to complete their login. All that's involved is agreeing to Skedda's software terms and privacy policy (and your own custom terms if you decide to include them), and creating a password or using an existing social login (Google, Twitter, Facebook or Microsoft).

Remember, by using this approach you must have permission from the user to add their personal contact details to Skedda (this is stated in our venue terms). For this reason, we generally recommend the second option, which also happens to be much less manual work!

2. Send the registration / invitation link

Click on the invite button, copy and paste the link, and share it with an unlimited number of individuals (via email, SMS, webpage, community platform etc.)

Optionally select one or more user tags so that individuals register with the capabilities that you want them to have. For more information on user tags, click into the next article: User Tags.

To see what the user sees when they click on the invitation link, just log out and follow the link yourself!

Inviting your users is of course a core part of getting setup, so please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions on the process. We're more than happy to help!

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