Click into Settings > Custom information.

You can add custom information to some parts of the booking process, specifically the booking window, the booking confirmation email, and the registration window.

An example of the user booking window:

1. Show a note to users when they book

Optionally add a note to the top of the user booking window. This is the perfect place for reminders, a call to action, or perhaps just a friendly greeting.

2. Telephone number requirement

You can choose for the telephone number field to be a required or optional field.

3. Custom terms and conditions

Optionally add a link to your venue’s terms and conditions. This can be a website page or PDF/ Dropbox link, for example. This could be for your own compliance reasons, or simply to communicate policies and/or responsibilities. 

Users are required to tick to Skedda's software terms and privacy policy when they create their first booking and if they register via an invitation. By adding your venue terms, a user must also stick to yours.

An example of the new user's registration window:

Note: If you want a user to agree to your terms and conditions every time they book (perhaps the terms change periodically/seasonally), there's a nice workaround for this!

4. Content added to the booking confirmation email

Optionally add custom text to the booking confirmation email. When a user creates a booking, the booking confirmation email is sent to their email address automatically.

If an Admin creates a booking on behalf of a user, the booking confirmation email is only sent if user notifications are switched on.

More information on the booking confirmation email can be found in the next article in this section: The Booking Confirmation Email.

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