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Head to the list page! Filter the data then export or print

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We offer reporting in the List view page. Exporting/printing bookings will give you a good overview of your booking data in Skedda. For further analysis of your bookings, check out the Insights page.

Please check out our FAQs section for more info!


Depending on what you're looking for, it can be useful to filter your booking data. Use the date picker at the top, then filter by booking type, payments status, or user.

For example, filter to all unpaid, user bookings for the months of July to September.

The search bar also helps if you are looking for specific information in the booking title, space names, or custom fields.


Click into the List View. To the right-hand side find the Export button.

Here is a short video on how to export bookings, some tips on formatting the exported data, and creating a pivot table and graph.


Click into the List View. To the right-hand side find the Print button.

There's also a Save paper by abbreviating setting. If checked, this forces each booking to only occupy a one-line-of-text row in the printout. This is done by abbreviating any text that would otherwise wrap to a new line with "...". If you want all information to be included, uncheck this option.

After you click Ok, print, your browser will show you a preview and will often give you further options (paper orientation, paper size, scale...).


Can I print the Day or Month view?

  • At this stage, Skedda does not offer a direct option to print the 'Day' or 'Month' view. Consider using browser-screenshot tools/extensions for this task.

Where are these buttons on my phone/tablet?

  • This function is not currently shown on smaller devices (mobiles, tablets).

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