Your white-labeled and custom-colored app can be easily installed by you and your users on mobile/tablet home screens: just visit your venue URL and accept the prompt! Here's an example on an Android device:

Here's how the home-screen icon might then look (the color and name can be customized):

As you can see, our vision is for you to have your own app, not a generic Skedda one! There are numerous benefits of this approach:

  • White-labeled: Your app is installed on mobile devices with your venue name and your brand color. All you need to do is choose these values in your Skedda settings (see below).
  • Customized and seamless for each new user: Just share the same link you always do with your users. If they open it from a mobile device (e.g. from their mobile email client), they'll go through the same registration process, get the same tags/permissions you've given them and be able to install your app to their device - all in the same simple flow!
  • Zero-install: a generic app would require your users to go through a mediator (e.g. the Play Store), then search for our product name ("Skedda"), then wait for it to download/install, then open the app and finally configure things to associate the install with your venue. With our progressive approach, your users just need one tap to install your own pre-customized app directly from your venue's URL.
  • Fully-functional: instead of a watered-down version, your app offers all the same great functionality as the web interface, 
  • Update-on-use: your app updates automatically whenever it's used. There are no messy version numbers, no binding to particular operating systems, nor a requirement for your users to manually maintain updates.
  • Lightweight: your mobile app weighs just a few hundred kilobytes - much less than the tens of megabytes required by typical apps from mediator stores (e.g. Google Play or the App Store).

We're also working on further features for your mobile app, including offline access and push notifications - stay tuned to

Customizing your app name and color

The owner can customize the name and color used for their venue's mobile app by modifying the "Short venue name" and "Brand color" settings on the Basics page. See the video below!

Missed the install invitation/popup?

In Chrome, you can install the app at any time by selecting 'Add to Home screen':

Setup on iOS

The folks at Apple haven't quite finished implementing the standards that their devices need to fully support this latest "Progressive Web App" approach (they have however started work on this). In the meantime, you can still add the mobile version of Skedda to the home screen of an iOS devices in two taps:

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