Is there a Skedda app?

Yes, Skedda has fully featured iOS and Android apps! Skedda also offers white-labeled PWAs with your own branding for mobile and desktop.

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Links to the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android) apps

Skedda iOS app on the Apple App Store

Skedda Android app on Google Play

Some screens/videos of the Skedda app in action

Skedda's mobile apps are fully featured and super easy to use! Here's a screenshot of the app showing the 'Day view', for example:

In the following videos, you'll see just a few examples of the app in action. To start, here's a video showing how the map view supports pinch-zoom and pan gestures, making reviewing and choosing a space on a specific area of the map much simpler.

[resize output image]

The day and grid views support swipe gestures for navigating left/right through spaces:

[resize output image]

The filter modals make it simple to focus on the information you're looking for, or quickly find an available spot to book!

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Skedda's PWA - Your own white-labeled Skedda app

In addition to the Skedda app on the App Store and Play Store linked above, Skedda offers another app technology based on the state-of-the-art PWA approach. Here's why you might care:

  • The PWA can also be installed on your desktop device (Windows and MacOS) as well as your mobile device.

  • The PWA shows on mobile and desktop devices with your venue name and using your brand color and your brand logo/icon. That is, every Skedda venue account has its own 'white-labeled' Skedda app! This is in contrast to the App Store and Play Store apps, which use Skedda's branding.

  • The PWA opens immediately in the context of the specific venue account from which it was installed. This is in contrast to the App Store and Play Store app, which opens on the generic Skedda platform-level login page.

  • If you use multiple Skedda venue accounts, then you can install a PWA for each of them and have multiple Skedda apps open simultaneously (one for each of the Skedda venues you interact with). This is in contrast to the App Store and Play Store apps, which can only be installed once on a device.

PWA Installation - Android

Your white-labeled and custom-colored PWA can be easily installed by all users on their mobile/tablet home screens: just visit your venue URL in Chrome and accept the prompt at the bottom! Here's how it can look (note that this shows the Map view):

Here's how the home-screen app launcher might then look (this is an example of fully customizing (i.e. white-labeling) the name, color, and icon graphics):

If you missed the Android install invitation popup in Chrome, you can also install the app at any time by tapping on the 'dots' at the top right, then selecting 'Install app' (perhaps also labeled 'Add to home screen'):

PWA Installation (iOS 13+)

Your white-labeled and custom-colored PWA can be easily installed by all users on iPhone/iPad home screens: just follow these 6 steps! 

  1. Open the Safari browser on the device

  2. Go to your Skedda venue URL ( 

  3. Click on the square icon with an arrow at the bottom of your page. 

  4. Click on 'Add to Homescreen' 

  5. Choose a name for your app then click 'Add'

  6. You will now see that your app has been installed! 

This will show with your venue name and your brand color. All you need to do is choose these values in your Skedda settings as explained here.

Here's a video that shows the installation process:

PWA Installation - Desktop (Windows and MacOS)

To install the Skedda PWA on your desktop device, just open the Chrome browser, navigate to your Skedda venue URL (, and click the 'Install' button that appears on the right side of the Chrome address bar at the top. Here's how it usually looks (see also Chrome's documentation here):

If you don't see this option, you can also click the 'three dots' at the top right of the browser and choose 'Install <your account name>' from there.

Customizing your PWA's color and name

Customize the name and color used for their venue's mobile app by modifying the 'Short venue name', 'Brand color', and 'Brand logo' settings on the Settings > Basics page (see below).

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