Quick usage metrics / booking data summary

See a short summary of statistics for bookings in the list view

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System users on desktop devices can view usage and price totals on the list view. This can be helpful for reporting purposes. By optionally filtering your data to a specific user, booking type or date range, you'll be able to quickly see the following metrics for your venue:

  • Total booking matches

  • Total usage (hours & minutes)

  • Total price (if applicable)

The usage figure respects multi-space bookings, e.g. a two-hour booking for two spaces implies four hours of usage. Note also that bookings of the Unavailable type are primarily intended for blocking out times when space cannot be used (e.g. for maintenance reasons), so these bookings are omitted from the total usage figure.

If you need to drill down into the booking data further, you can export your bookings to CSV or XLXS or check out the Insights page.

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