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Floor Plans & Maps Settings Overview
Floor Plans & Maps Settings Overview

Manage your custom made floor plan & maps

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Note: Prospective customers please see the intro article on this feature.

In the Floor plan & maps settings manage the interactive elements of your custom-designed maps.

For troubleshooting see the FAQs section.

New Map: Assign spaces to a new map

If you haven't done so already, please add spaces (desks / rooms) to your venue (Adding 'Spaces' to your account). If a space isn't assigned to your map, it will still be bookable through the other views (Day, Month, Grid, List) if no other rules prevent this. Think of the floor plan & maps feature as a view of Skedda and not a way to create rules/conditions for user bookings.

Updated Map: Space assignments on an updated map

Request a new map or update

To request another map, or change the static graphic elements of an existing map, please send us a message saying "Maps change request or inquiry" in the chat widget at the bottom right.


How do I get my own map? Where do I upload my map?

  • Learn more about this feature here and Skedda's other benefits here. Create a Workplace trial account and contact us to make sure it's the right fit for you!

I assigned a space, but I can't click on it to book, re-assign or unassign - help!

  • The clickable assigned area may be too small, but it should be there! This can sometimes happen if you choose drag and then accidentally make a very small rectangle. Zoom in as far as you can to the middle of the green circle and unassign the space.

How can I change the orientation for the map on mobile phones? My map is flipped the wrong way!

  • In the Floor plan & maps settings page, select the map and click the More drop down menu on the top right. In Map settings change the Rotation angle for mobile devices value. 0° won't rotate the map at all; this is best for maps that are taller than they are wide.

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