Why am I not receiving Skedda emails?

Here we discuss the factors that can, in rare cases, lead to our messages missing your inbox, and how to resolve the problem.

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There are various reasons why you may not be getting emails from us. Check out all the potential causes below!

The message is in another tab/folder

Check all folders in your email account, including trash/junk/spam and any "tabs" (Gmail has the tabs "Primary", "Promotional" and "Social" in the main inbox folder, for example).

You may need to search specifically for @mg.skedda.com or @skedda.com

Your email provider received our message, but didn't complete the final placement to your inbox

Although we enjoy an excellent reputation as an email sender, some email service providers are somewhat cautious when it comes to messages from senders they haven't seen before. Your email provider might have delayed the delivery of our message (until we've tried again) or outright refuse to deliver it if it doesn't match an organization-specific whitelist. To resolve such situations, ask your IT team to add our sender domain to your whitelist. Our sender domain is mg.skedda.com.

Your mailbox is full, or you have some local email rule that places our message in a different folder

If your mailbox is full, we won't be able to deliver to it. In these cases, just make some room and try again. In other cases, some email clients (e.g. Gmail) allow you to setup custom rules to route certain emails to different folders, or even delete them. If you've setup such rules, you should review them to make sure they're not interfering.

You clicked unsubscribe on a previous Skedda email

By unsubscribing, you indicated to us that you never want to receive an email from us again. If you've changed your mind, please send a message to info@skedda.com with the subject "Resubscribe" and we'll remove the suppression.

Misspelled email address

This happens more frequently than you would think! If you misspelled your email when registering (or a venue administrator (System user) misspells it when adding you), then you should re-register with the correct email address (or get re-added by a System user with the correct email address).

Email address doesn't exist on the Skedda platform

If you want to do a login-reset (a.k.a. "password reset") operation and you enter your email address, we'll always respond with a message to check your inbox, even if you don't actually have an account on Skedda. This behavior is a security best-practice, because if we were to respond with "You don't have an account on Skedda", then it would allow attackers to try a large set of usernames on Skedda and know which ones have accounts on the platform and which ones don't.

The disadvantage of this approach is that you might think that you've received an email when in fact we didn't send one at all (because you don't actually have an account on the platform). If you're unsure if you actually have an account on Skedda, you can reach out to our support team (see details below).

Skedda notification settings

Certain kinds of emails (e.g. booking notifications sent to the booking holder and the venue) can be disabled in the venue's notification settings. Please review the relevant venue's notification settings and make sure the settings are correct.

Still nothing?

If you're confident that none of the above causes apply, feel free to reach out to the Skedda support team through the chat widget or at info@skedda.com and we'll be happy to help. To help us investigate the matter, please make sure you include the email address in question in your support request.

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