How can I manage multiple bookings in a space?

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Skedda is designed to prevent over bookings / double bookings / conflicts and only allows one user booking on a single space per time slot. Should your space be able to accommodate multiple user bookings at a single time, then you can create additional spaces as 'slots' for your users to book.

Add these additional spaces by visiting Settings > Spaces > Add a space.

For example, if you had a swimming pool that can have a maximum of 5 users at any one time, then you would create 5 bookable spaces and name them something like below:

Swimming Pool - Slot 1

Swimming Pool - Slot 2

Swimming Pool - Slot 3

Swimming Pool - Slot 4

Swimming Pool - Slot 5

When your user visits the venue schedule, they will see the multiple 'slots' to choose from. They can easily create a booking by selecting the space and time they want, clicking the "Book" button at the top of the screen, and then completing the booking form as seen below:

To further automate the management of your booking slots it is also possible to:

Please reach out to our team if you would like any help getting things setup!

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