Can I move account ownership to another user?

Yes, you can transfer the Owner tag to another Skedda user.

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You can choose to revoke your ownership access and give the Owner tag to another individual on your Users list. Please first review the different user access levels to see if this is necessary! You may be able to just grant some users System Admin access.

Click on the small chevron / down arrow on the individual's user list row and click Edit user. Click to add the Owner tag. 

Keep in mind that once you choose to apply the Owner tag to another user, you'll lose the Owner tag and the page will refresh with your new System user (non-Owner) context. There can only be one Owner per venue account.

If more than one individual really needs Owner access, there are the following options:

  • To create a shared Owner login, that multiple people have access to, to action Owner actions. For example, something like "". Individuals should use their regular Admin login for taking day to day actions, so there is a data record of actions in the activity feed, and this email could be only used when settings needs to be updated / changed.

  • Or, to switch the Owner to another user when necessary. You would then lose the Owner access, and they would then need to move it back to you when they are finished with their task. It's quick to move the owner tag to someone else, as this info doc has hopefully shown!

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