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You may have noticed that we don't ask you to choose a login password when registering, creating your first booking, or (if you're an admin) adding other users with their email address.

Instead, in these situations we send out an initial "welcome" message to the specified email address:

This message includes a button to confirm the email address that was supplied, and setup the login by choosing a password (or a social login like Facebook) so that access to the account can be made in the future:

We manage account-security this way for the following reasons:

  • To help reduce abuse and spam, we require the password-setup process to involve a verification of the email address (i.e. that the person who provided the email address actually owns it and can see the inbox). 
  • In the case that a venue administrator adds a new user account on someone else's behalf, it would not be appropriate from a security perspective to have the admin set and know the password for that account. Only the user themselves should know this information.
  • In many cases, people prefer to login with a social login (e.g. Google, Facebook or Twitter). The email-verification process allows the user to choose their preferred login mechanism which, if that is a social login, means that passwords are completely avoided (winner!).
  • On "first contact" with the system (e.g. a user following an invitation link to register at a venue), avoiding the immediate collection of password information means that they can make their first booking sooner, which results in a better first user experience.

Whatever your specific case, just remember: If you can't login, just click "Reset login now" on the login screen. If you have access to the email inbox, you'll always be able to set your password and get into the account that way!

Some additional notes:

  • If you don't see the password-reset email come through, take a look at the relevant support article for troubleshooting email delivery
  • If you're a venue admin and your users are telling you that they can't login, feel free to click "I forgot my login details" on behalf of that user, then enter their email address at the prompt. They will then get a password-reset email in their inbox which they can follow to login.
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