Skedda allows you to set up dependencies between your spaces. A dependency between two spaces reflects the relationship or association between those spaces.

This essentially means that when one space is booked, the other won't be able to be and vice-versa.

The easiest way to understand how dependencies work is to just start adding some! 

Once you start adding dependencies, you'll see that we show you a dynamic report that precisely explains their effect.

As you add dependencies, just keep in mind that they can be chained. For example, if you tell us that A depends on B, and you also tell us that B depends on C, then this implies that A depends on C. 

For a practical example, consider a venue with one large Basketball Court. The Basketball Court can be physically split into two halves: Badminton Court 1 and Badminton Court 2. 

Each Badminton Court can in turn be split into two Table Tennis courts. For this example, a dependency should be created from each Table Tennis court to its "parent" Badminton Court. In turn, a dependency should be created from each Badminton Court to the "parent" Basketball Court.

The report will then show how all Table Tennis courts and Badminton Courts will not be bookable if the Basketball Court is booked. Intuitively, the report will also show how booking one Table Tennis Court will not affect the availability of the other Table Tennis courts.                

Long story short: just experiment with adding and removing dependencies and you'll get the idea. If you're struggling with your situation, feel free to reach out to us and we'll be happy to help.

Adding a dependency

To start with space-sharing, go to the Sharing and dependencies section of the spaces page.

From here select Add dependency button. This will show a dropdown that allow you to select the two spaces involved in the link

The first space you select should be the one that depends on the next one selected.

Once created, you will be able to see a 'live' report of how it will work. You can then review this to make sure it is correct. If not, it's easy to delete it on the left hand side and have another go at it. Of course, if you're struggling, just reach out and tell us your situation and we'll be happy to assist.

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