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Set up tablet views that connect your spaces to physical devices at your venue (e.g. iOS, Android tablets)

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Skedda's Tablet Display feature gives you a beautiful live representation of a space's status that can be shown on a device mounted in its proximity, like a tablet. Users can quickly navigate to the booking page from here!

This feature is included in the Skedda Premium plan. If you have an existing non-Premium Skedda account, please reach out to our team to discuss the upgrade.

How to install

Follow the steps below to install the Tablet Display app on a target tablet device:

  1. On your target tablet device:

    1. Remove/uninstall all existing Skedda apps from the tablet. If you've never used the tablet for Skedda-related matters before, then you're all set.

    2. Ensure that you are (and remain) logged out of the Skedda web application in the tablet's browser. The setup process won't work if you're logged in. This is a security safeguard: your tablet will end up being mostly unattended and accessible to anyone who can walk up to it, so there's a risk of somebody misusing any logged-in state. You should double-check that you're logged out by navigating to your venue's URL in your tablet's browser before continuing.

  2. On your second, separate admin device (e.g. desktop or phone): Log in to Skedda in your browser as a System Admin or Owner, head to Settings > Tablet displays (under Your Venue) and click "Pair a new tablet" to choose your space

  3. Select your desired optional settings

  4. Click on "Request pin"

  5. Back on your target tablet device: Open your browser (Chrome on Android, Safari on iOS) and go to https://<yourvenue> (replacing <yourvenue> with your own account's subdomain). Make sure you are not in incognito mode or in a private browsing tab!

  6. Input the pairing details shown from Step 4 to the browser's Pair Device page on your tablet

  7. When you see the success page, install the Tablet Display app to your target tablet device:

    1. For Android: See the above video walkthrough

    2. For iOS: See the walkthrough video here

  8. For iOS tablets only (i.e. iPads): To ensure that your device doesn't "lock" itself after a period of inactivity, head over to Settings > Display & brightness > Auto-lock and select "Never".

Optional: Locking your tablet to the Skedda display view

Both Android and iOS devices offer a "kiosk mode" option that will lock your tablet to the Skedda display and avoid anyone from mistakenly navigating to another app.

You can find instructions on how to configure this in your device's settings for Android here and iOS here.

Information shown on each Tablet Display

Skedda’s elegant tablet display provides a quick overview of the current time, availability status and upcoming bookings for a specific day and space. A QR code is provided to assist users in navigating to the exact space for creating an immediate or upcoming booking.

Any external changes to the status of a space (e.g. somebody creates a new booking for the space on Skedda on another device) will be reflected on the tablet practically instantly (the feature provides automatic updates connected to your Skedda space).

The QR code

Each display includes a QR code that, when scanned, will direct a user's mobile browser to the booking form for the corresponding Skedda space at the current time (requiring the user to authenticate if they haven't already). The QR code hence automatically changes as time progresses throughout the day.

Additional settings

Extended booking information

If you check the "Allow extended booking info" option when setting up the tablet, then the booking holder's first name and initial of last name will be shown for all bookings on the tablet display, as well as the booking title. If you don't check it, then these details are omitted. We recommend that you carefully think about whether this information should be shown on a "public" device. By default, the checkbox is unchecked (i.e. by default the information is hidden).

Screen Dimming

If you check the "Dim screen outside venue working hours" option when setting up the tablet, then the tablet device will dim at all times that are outside the space's configured hours of availability.

For example, if Space A is available from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday then you can expect the tablet to dim automatically after 5pm everyday and return to the standard setting at 8am (with the exception of weekends, where the tablet will remain dimmed always).


What does the display look like when a space is not available?

  • If the space your tablet is connected to has a booking at the current time, the display's color will turn red and your users will see a list of upcoming bookings and the next available time as shown below

Does the display work on any other devices? (e.g. TV, Crestron)

  • Although the Tablet Display feature was designed with tablet-sized devices in mind, you're free to use it on any device that supports the installation of a Progressive Web App. Just note that the interface may however look "squashed" on small devices like phones, however.

Does Skedda provide any hardware?

  • Skedda does not sell physical tablet devices or hardware at this time. You are free to use any device with a browser that is able to install a Progressive Web App to the device. This includes Safari on iOS 13+ and Chrome on Android (Skedda supports the last 10 versions of Chrome).

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