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Skedda's official Microsoft Teams app puts your Skedda venue directly accessible in Teams! If your organization uses Microsoft Teams heavily, this is a significant convenience boost! Your users will be able to manage their bookings without having to leave Teams.

The desktop, web and mobile interfaces of Microsoft Teams are all supported. With your configured Skedda SSO connection (via Azure AD), the authentication process within Teams is automatic and seamless.

Here is what it looks like on the desktop app and on mobile:

Set-up in Skedda

Follow these steps to configure your Skedda account for use with Microsoft Teams.

Step 1: Have a venue account with SSO configured

Set up SSO with Azure AD in Skedda.

Step 2: Configure your venue account to "allow embedding" (in Microsoft Teams)

Under the hood, Microsoft Teams uses so-called "iframes" to embed Microsoft Teams apps inside the Microsoft Teams interface. By default, Skedda accounts aren't configured to permit embedding in this way. To support the embedding of your Skedda account within Microsoft Teams, you hence need to update your Skedda settings (in Settings > Integrations) to enable iframe embedding. See our support document for this here. The relevant option is shown in the screenshot below:

Set-up in Teams

Head over to Microsoft to finish the set up.

Step 3: Install the Skedda Microsoft Teams app!

You have two options, depending on how you want your users to be able to use Skedda inside Microsoft Teams.

  • Option 1: If you simply want to permit each user in your organization to manually install the Skedda app in their personal Microsoft Teams interface, log in to the Manage Apps page of your organization's Microsoft Teams Admin Center, search for "Skedda" in the list of published apps, and change its status to "Allowed" (video walkthrough). Why isn't it allowed by default, you ask? Well, Skedda has intentionally published its Microsoft Teams app using the "default block until admin action" option, because it's usually not appropriate for end users to install an app like Skedda until the organization has properly configured it (i.e. following this support document).

  • Option 2: If you want the Skedda app to appear in the interface of your organization's users (or a set of them) by default, you can add the Skedda app to an appropriate App Setup Policy that you've created (video walkthrough).

Step 4 (Optional): Tenant-Wide Consent to Permissions

By default, each end user needs to complete a one-time permission-approval step when they first open the Skedda app within Microsoft Teams (so that we can identify them). If you like, you can spare your end users from having to do this by having one of your Microsoft Teams admins consent to the relevant permissions on behalf of the entire tenant. See this video walkthrough for all the details.

Note: If you don't see the permissions window, you probably already consented earlier just for yourself. If you wish to consent again on behalf of the entire tenant, you'll just need to remove the Skedda app from your Teams interface, clear all your browser cache/cookies (based on our testing, MS Teams can cache consent in the browser) and try again.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

We have multiple Skedda accounts and we'd like a separate Teams app for each, or we have other custom requirements for our Skedda Teams app. What are our options?

  • In addition to Skedda's official Microsoft Teams App, Skedda provides a customizable version which can be installed "locally" (i.e. not published on the Microsoft Teams store) by a Teams administrator. The benefits of using this customizable version include:

    Support for organizations with multiple Skedda accounts: Using the customizable app template, you can create a separate Teams app for each of your Skedda accounts, or ensure that the "account switcher" control for switching between different "venue" accounts is shown (it's hidden in the official app).

    Ability to customize tabs: You may wish to add multiple personal tabs and customize them with the predefined URLs for a particular Skedda account. For example, you might like to have a "Skedda admin" version of the app that is available only to Skedda System users and includes tabs for managing users or viewing Insights in Skedda.

    Ability to show the side navigation bar: The official Skedda app doesn't show it because it's against the Microsoft style guide for apps. Using a customized app allows you to show it.

    You can find Skedda's customizable app template here. Download it and follow the instructions in the file, and let our support team know if you have any questions!

I see an error to the tune of "Sorry, we couldn't identify you through Microsoft Teams" when I try to use the Skedda app in Microsoft Teams. What can I do?

  • Sometimes, these transient errors occur once as part of the first interaction with the Skedda app, and closing and reopening Microsoft Teams typically resolves it. Note that, if Microsoft Teams asks you if you want to "approve" the Skedda app, you must do this in order for the app to work correctly. If errors continue to persist, please contact the Skedda support.

I'd like to use the Skedda app for Microsoft Teams, but my organization doesn't have a Skedda account. How does my organization sign up?

  • We invite a representative of your organization to sign up for a Skedda organizational ("venue") account from our main landing page here. After you've created your account, follow the instructions at the top of this article to configure your Skedda account for use with Microsoft Teams and add the Skedda app for Microsoft Teams to your Microsoft Teams tenant.

My organization has a Skedda account, but we don't have Single Sign-On (SSO) configured and I'm seeing a corresponding error message when trying to use the Skedda app for Microsoft Teams. How should I proceed?

  • Kindly ask the person in your organization that's responsible for the administration of your Skedda account to enable Single Sign-On for your Skedda account as discussed here (includes contact information for reaching out to the Skedda support team).

My organization has a Skedda account with Single Sign-On (SSO) configured, but I'm seeing an error saying that I'm not a user on Skedda or that I don't have SSO-login configured. How should I proceed?

  • Before you can use Skedda inside Microsoft Teams, you need to have logged in to Skedda once using a normal web-browser tab so that you're provisioned correctly with Single Sign-On. Please navigate to the SSO login page to do your initial log in and user-account provisioning, then try again inside Microsoft Teams.

    Side note: The basic technical reason for requiring users to use a browser and go through a SAML-based authentication flow is that the correct provisioning of a user in Skedda depends in the general case on custom SAML attributes passed by the identity provider (i.e. Skedda can "auto-tag" new users based on custom SAML attribute rules). This isn't possible to do through the Teams authentication mechanisms directly.

My organization has a US Government Azure tenant. Can I use Teams on Skedda?

At this stage the Skedda MS Teams app does not support the different authentication endpoints that Microsoft uses for US Government tenants, which means that you won't be able to use Skedda in Teams if your organization has a US Government tenant.

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