Basics: Brand Color

Set the color your Skedda venue will be displayed in!

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In your Basics settings page set your brand color by choosing from one of our vibrant suggestions or enter a specific "hex" value.

Your brand color is used in:

  • the main navbar on desktop and mobile devices,

  • the home-screen launcher icons for our progressive app on mobile devices,

  • the various in-app modals (e.g. the new-booking modal),

  • the venue and user-directed email notifications,

  • the login and registration pages, and

  • the various browser icons.

For optimal appearance in all scenarios, we require that your brand color is "dark enough" to form the background for white graphics and text. Skedda will warn you if you use a color that's too light, and in this case just choose one of the darker variants of your brand color.

Set your brand logo/icon as well!

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