There are three types of Users: The Owner, the booking Admins and the Regular users.

Regular users

Regular users can view, create, update and cancel bookings for themselves in accordance with your access and visibility settings, booking window, lock-in policy, booking conditions, pricing rules and quota rules.

You can have an unlimited number of these regular users on your list.

Booking Admins

Booking Admins can create, edit and cancel bookings for themselves, as well as on behalf of all other users and the venue. They can also add and manage Regular users. The hours of availability, booking windows, booking conditions and quota rules do not apply to admins.

Admins cannot access the venue-level settings (including the space settings) and they cannot add / remove other Admins.

You can have five Admins for free, and an unlimited number of Admins with the PRO Pack.

For more information on Admin permissions, review the article in this section called Booking Admins.

The Owner

The Owner is the creator of the venue account! The Owner has access to the venue-level settings, including the ability to manage spaces and the venue's Skedda subscription. There can only be one Owner, however, ownership can be transferred to another user easily, and at any time.

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