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Skedda Customer Testimonials
Skedda Customer Testimonials

A collection of customer reviews from around the world.

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Skedda can be used for just about anything! Check out what our customers have to say and see how they use Skedda.

The Horton Group, United States

The Horton Group uses Skedda to manage bookings for office space across multiple locations.

"Our employees are using Skedda to reserve hotel cubicles at all of our office locations. Skedda has been absolutely incredible! Very easy to use and just as easy to manage!"

York University, Canada

Following the challenges of the pandemic, York University now uses Skedda to manage bookings for their office spaces and meeting rooms.

“We are now fully automated in terms of space scheduling. We have the best utilization of the available spaces.”

Jazz Music Institute, Australia

JMI use Skedda for studio scheduling, with students and lectures booking in their own times.

"Being online creates easier access for all lecturers and students to book studios...and less paper!"

ERIS, United States / Canada

Post pandemic, ERIS makes use of Skedda to manage bookings for their hybrid-work setup.

“The platform is easy to use on our computers and phones. It is user-friendly as a user and administrator. Skedda has shown to be very versatile!”

Columbia University, United States

Columbia University uses Skedda to manage bookings for their offices, conference rooms and shared desk space. Their administrators, faculty leaders, researchers and students all book space with Skedda!

“Skedda helped us transition back from fully remote to hybrid in a situation where we had less space than people and a permanent space assignment was impossible.”

Amnesty International, United Kingdom

Gianmaria and the team at Amnesty International UK use Skedda for event scheduling in their busy office.

"Skedda has been a godsend, it's made managing the meeting rooms in our venue a seamless, enjoyable experience."

Pease CPAs, United States

Pease CPAs uses Skedda to manage their offices and conference rooms in their hoteling office environment.

“With Skedda, we achieved a smooth transition converting to a hoteling environment. The implementation process was great!”

Washington University in St. Louis, United States

Washington University manages bookings for cubes, conference rooms and laboratory areas with Skedda.

“I appreciate how Skedda creates the floor layouts from our blue prints and can customize them as needed. Skedda gives a quick reply to any questions we have and access to tutorials for common tasks.”

Workhaus, Turkey

With a mix of co-working desks, serviced offices and meeting rooms, Workhaus Istanbul use Skedda for day-to-day bookings.

"It's easy to use!"

Trio Design, United States

Trio Design uses Skedda in their hot-desking setup, so that their designers can book out desks for in-office collaboration or solo work.

“The usability of the platform was what really caught our eye first off. Onboarding all the users when we started using Skedda, everyone found it was easy-to-use and with SSO it was a breeze!”

Monash University, Australia

Monash University transitioned to a hybrid, hot-desking setup to support a 3-day-in-office staff arrangement and now use Skedda to handle scheduling for their shared spaces.

“With Skedda, office resumption was easier and we could track the increase in visitation.”

The Guild of Psychotherapists, United Kingdom

The team at Guild use Skedda to schedule across their training and consulting rooms.

"Accessible and good support. Let's out room users view availability and book rooms easily."

Allica Bank, United Kingdom

Allica Bank has implemented a hybrid-working environment in both of their offices, and uses Skedda to streamline the process!

“We keep a record and track if the office will be fully booked. Employees will know based on the bookings made in Skedda if they can come in or work from home if the office is at full capacity.”

EY Pathenon, United States

"Skedda makes it really easy for us to schedule internal meetings and allocate rooms effectively so that each team has space when they need it. We used to basically fight for rooms when we needed them, but Skedda has helped us to organize our space better and ensure that we always have somewhere to meet when we need it."

Royal Society of Chemistry, United Kingdom

The RSC uses Skedda to manage their hot-desking setup. Skedda's simplicity, user-friendly interface and SSO functionality have revolutionized their processes!

“We now require less administration work when managing space with Skedda!”

Blue Man Group Chicago, United States

"Skedda is a deceivingly powerful space management solution made simple by an intuitive user interface. As a theatre with an incredibly dynamic schedule and a variety of needs, Skedda has all but eliminated space scheduling conflicts. This has had an important positive impact on departmental cooperation and employee morale."

Quin, The Netherlands

Quin uses Skedda to manage their desks and parking spaces, which enables them to manage the workload placed on their facilities.

“With Skedda, we can now control the workload on facilities and our employees can control their bookings themselves.”

DCM Shriram, India

DCM Shriram moved to Skedda for internal online scheduling.

"Everything is online. So, now nobody has to ask to book a room - they can do it themselves."

Six Degrees, United Kingdom

Six Degrees sought Skedda out to manage their hot-desks during the Covid-19 pandemic. Their team now books their hot-desks when they know they're coming to work in the office.

“Skedda is easy to manage and has excellent support!”

Portage Public Library, United States

The team at Portage Public Library rely on Skedda for study room and equipment scheduling.

"Easy to use, no double booking, easy to manage scheduling for our meeting rooms."

Northrop, Australia

Northrop uses Skedda to support autonomous desk booking as well as show the location of their office equipment and company cars.

“Skedda was able to manage our hot desking systems and become a platform for all our staff to be able to use with ease. We use it for our 4 offices, bookable desks, company cars and office equipment!”

Remote Year, Global

"We use Skedda in four workspaces; Split, Lisbon, Marrakesh and Cape Town. Our travelling communities find it quick to view what meeting rooms and phone booths are free on a daily basis. Before Skedda we were using Google calendars to manage rooms. Now we are able to centralize the workspaces which helps our growing communities book without interrupting their workflow or crowding their work calendar."

Common Equity Housing, Australia

CEHL uses Skedda to provide their people with an easy-to-use booking system for the future.

“Skedda is so easy to use and configure to our organisation’s needs!”

University of Oklahoma, United States

Phil's team at The University of Oklahoma use Skedda to maximize use of their resources.

"We love the ease of us, it streamlines our facility usage."

Audinate, Australia

Audinate shifted to Skedda's easy, automated booking solution after a period of labor-intensive spreadsheet management.

“The implementation was simple! It is easy for administrators to manage inhouse. The Skedda staff were always very helpful and prompt in responding to our initial requests for information!”

Creative HQ, New Zealand

Creative HQ in Wellington use Skedda to take care of scheduling resources so they can get on with wowing their clients!

"One place to book all meeting resources!"

Credabl, Australia

Credabl uses Skedda to support their hot-desking office setup. They manage the booking of office desks and parking and rely on Skedda's interactive maps to give their users the perfect overview of available spaces.

“Skedda is an easy-to-use platform for all staff to see and book desks when needed.”

The Fitness Garage, United Kingdom

The crew at The Fitness Garage use Skedda for scheduling their studios and gym floor space.

"We could not function without this software and so glad we found Skedda! Nothing else compares."

Aon, Israel

Aon uses Skedda to manage desks and meeting rooms in their Israel office.

“Skedda provides us with a simple floor-plan map and a quick and simple booking process with less clicks.”

Business Conference Solutions, United States

Carmen set up Skedda to take member and visitor bookings on their website.

"Skedda has helped me tremendously with setting up our booking system. Their staff are ready to help. They get a BIG 10 in my book!"

TradeMark East Africa, Kenya

TradeMark East Africa uses Skedda to manage space in one of its offices.

“Skedda's customer service is awesome! The team is very supportive and super responsive. Keep up the great work.”

Suzuki Music Institute, Australia

The staff at Suzuki Music Institute use Skedda for music lesson scheduling.

"We love this online system and this has eased our job. User friendly."

Industry Dive, United States

Industry Dive, a leading business journalism company with a readership of nearly 13,000,000 decision-makers across 20+ industries, uses Skedda to manage their hot desks.

“Skedda provides a quick and easy way for Divers to reserve a desk and, equally important, know when their colleagues and friends are going to the office. This has helped increase the volume of folks going back to the office, expanded collaboration and productivity.”

The Wilder Center, United States

The Wilder Center Conference rely on Skedda for user bookings.

"Skedda is pleasantly user friendly. We have been able to book more appointments and have seen an increase in retention of clients."

MarketWise, United States

MarketWise, a leading multi-brand platform offering premium financial services, uses Skedda to manage desk booking in their office.

“We really love working with Skedda. From the initial demo and consultation all the way through setup and support, the experience has been top notch. The support team is quick to respond, and they are consistently making improvements to the platform overall which has really enhanced the look, feel, and usability. I would recommend Skedda to anyone as a simple, streamlined solution for any kind of space bookings in an office.”

Innovation Guelph, Canada

Innovation Guelph is an innovation ecosystem supporting the Ontario region.

"People's time is very valuable. Having Skedda in place makes it so that no one's time is wasted. Our mentors know what rooms are available to book into at all times within our office. I love when I make an event booking, that Skedda sends me a confirmation that I am able to send to my clients."

Sax LLP, United States

Sax LLP, a multi-disciplinary accounting, tax and advisory firm in New Jersey, uses Skedda to manage office hoteling in their office.

“It's a great way for everyone to pick the spot that works best for them without having to bother anyone else with the request. We’re very happy with Skedda!”

Amsterdam Economic Board, The Netherlands

"Really accessible and well-designed. Our organisation needed a quick solution for desk reservations. Skedda fulfilled this need perfectly. The service is excellent. Only once we encountered an issue and it was resolved within an hour. Perfect record."

Toyota Connected, United Kingdom

Toyota Connected EU, a Toyota subsidiary focused on delivering inclusive, sustainable and safety-focused technology solutions, uses Skedda to manage their hot desks.

“Thanks to Skedda, we could keep track of how often our workforce worked from the office, and make an informed decision with what to do with the new office once we move. Skedda is user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. It’s been a breeze to use!”

National Naval Aviation Museum, United States

"Skedda has helped in the booking of military ceremonies and school educational field trips. I love the program because it's user-friendly, and I can share the program with our customers!"

Miramar Golf, New Zealand

Miramar Golf Links use Skedda to maximize their club space.

"Skedda gives everyone in the organisation the ability to view meeting room availability and to book straight away, Since starting with Skedda in December 2016 our meeting and conference room bookings have trebled."

Elysia Therapeutic Centre, United Kingdom

Elysia Therapeutic Centre uses Skedda to support their broad range of therapeutic practice and care.

"Efficient easy to use booking system that all our members find use to use."

The Soho Coffeehouse, United States

The team at Sozo Coffeehouse have more time to focus on community impact while Skedda looks after the scheduling.

"Our customers can book for themselves online! It is a huge time saver for our staff!"

The Little Space, Australia

"Skedda has been brilliant and has allowed our business to create an online booking system for our customers within minimal set up time. Skedda has been able to grow with us. We started with a no-cost plan and have since moved to a premium package and have integrated the platform into our website. We honestly couldn't find another platform to fit what we needed. Our customers lives are easier because they can book our meeting spaces directly and our administration time has been cut dramatically."

University of Pretoria, South Africa

Carl's department at The University of Pretoria moved over to Skedda from a scheduling book in the office.

"We used to have problems all the time because the book didn't get updated regularly. Now we can just say 'Is it on Skedda?".

WorkSouth, United States

"WorkSouth is a shared work environment and each business can access the Skedda calendar accordingly. It's designed well for our business!"

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