Booking activity feed

A detailed log of booking activity - new, cancelled, updated and charged events.

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The activity feed provides you with a timestamp on all changes to bookings in your schedule.

Use this to see who has done what in your schedule and when! If you have a missing booking, or something has moved unexpectedly, this is the first place to check to see what's happened!

Find the activity feed in the 'List view' when logged in as a System user.

Filter by time range, activity type (new, update, cancel, charge, and check-in) as well as a general search term.

Viewing the past 30 days of activity logs is available with our Flex or Starter Plan. With the Plus Plan, you can upgrade to 60 days, and with our Premier Plan, you'll have access to the past 90 days of activity logs.

Read more about our different plans, features, and prices here.

You can also export the information to Excel (XLSX) and CSV formats.

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