The PRO Pack adds features and removes limits to help you and your team/community manage bookings more efficiently in the day-to-day.

The features of the PRO Pack

  • Transparency of Bookings Option - give your non-admin users the ability to see the booking title and the booking holder of all bookings (not just their own). See the User Access and Visibility article for further information.

  • Space visuals/images/photos - upload photographs to each space so that your users gain a richer appreciation for the spaces they're booking! You can setup these visuals when managing the spaces on your account.

  • Privacy Option - choose for your venue URL to be completely private. In private mode, only those users on your users list (invited or manually added by an admin) are able to log in and interact with your scheduler. See the User Access and Visibility article for further information.

  • Custom Fields - ask questions and collect/manage additional information for bookings. Create an unlimited number of custom fields and configure their inclusion by booking type, space and user tag. See the Custom Fields article for more information. 

  • Quotas - quotas can be created for individuals and groups, making it easy for you to manage allowances and fair usage across your bookable spaces! See the Quotas article for more information.

  • Buffer time - enforce "gaps"/"breaks"/"buffers" between bookings to facilitate teardown, cleanup, setup and/or changeover. See the Buffer time article for more information.

  • Booking windows - Control how far in advance users are able to book, and give preferential/early-access booking privileges to certain types of users, optionally varying by space. See the Booking windows article for more information. Without the PRO Pack, only two rules can be created.

  • Insights - Drive your space-management strategy by identifying trends, patterns and optimization opportunities using Skedda's powerful analytics and reporting solution. See the Insights article for more information. Without the PRO Pack, you only see dummy/test data on your Insights dashboard.

  • Unlimited Administrators - allow more users to have admin-level access to your Skedda venue account, including the ability to manage users and create, change and cancel bookings on behalf of all users. Without the PRO Pack, you can have up to five admins.

  • Numerous Booking Coloring Rules - using color is a great way for admins to digest what's happening day-to-day at a glance. Check out the Coloring article for more information. Without the PRO Pack, only two rules can be created.

  • Brand Color Variable - color your venue in your brand color! More details can be found in our Brand Color article.

  • 90 days of audit logs / activity feed - the booking-activity feed allows you to answer the inevitable questions about booking activities, for example, "Who cancelled that booking, and when?" Without the PRO pack, you only have 24 hours of these activity logs.

  • Up to 7 years of data retention for old bookings. Without the PRO pack, you can only retain old bookings for a maximum of one year before they're automatically removed from your account. If you need it, the PRO Pack gives you the option to set a longer retention period (up to 7 years). Note that upgrading to the PRO pack doesn't automatically change your retention setting (i.e. you must still explicitly set your desired retention period on the relevant settings page). See our article on Booking data retention for more information.

  • White-labeling of the booking confirmation email and notifications and mobile home-screen launcher icons. Check out the booking confirmation email for more information.

Reach out if you have any questions on these settings and features!

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