Can I bulk add users?

Depending on your access setting, users can register themselves or you can send them a registration link.

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Public, private, or limited booking access

If you've chosen for your venue URL to be public and to take bookings from anyone, then you can simply share your venue's unique URL / share link (e.g., and individuals can register themselves. Easy!

If you have chosen to be a private venue, or have limited booking rights to tagged users only, then you must invite users to join you on Skedda. You can manually add a user or send the invitation link. The invitation link is the quickest and recommended way to bulk-add users.

We recommend the Invitation link approach for two primary reasons:

  1. From a data integrity perspective, having each user provide and manage their own details means that you're getting the most up-to-date information.

  2. From a privacy perspective (particularly with the new EU GDPR), it is often important for organizations to gain explicit consent from each user before legally being allowed to store and process their data. The invitation link approach ensures that each user agrees to the relevant privacy and terms documents before any of their personal information is stored. 

This privacy aspect is one of the primary reasons that we don't currently support an admin bulk-upload of personal data into the system.

For more information visit the 'Adding and Inviting Your Users' article.

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