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What is a Booking Admin and what permissions do they have?

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The Booking Admin tag is a blue system tag, that gives a user booking admin permissions; it acts differently to the user tags that you can create for Regular Users.

What can Booking Admins do?

  • Create bookings on behalf of all venue users and the venue

  • Create bookings outside of the venue's general hours of availability

  • Create bookings outside of the booking conditions, booking and cancellation windows

  • Edit, change and cancel bookings on a user’s behalf. This includes editing the title, notes, time, date, space, price and occurrences

  • Create and send invitation links

  • Manually add and remove Regular users

  • Manage bookings from the day, month, grid and list views (including charging bookings)

  • Access the activity feed, print and export to CSV

Admins cannot add, edit or remove other system users (including Booking Admins). Booking Admins also cannot create, edit or delete user tags.

Booking Admins cannot access the settings wheel (venue settings, manage spaces, subscription, integrations).

Learn more about the other user types here!

Add a Booking Admin

Head to your Users List. If the user doesn't exist yet, select + Add a user.

Add the individual's details and select the blue Booking Admin system tag from the System Tag dropdown field.

If you'd like the individual to be notified by email to complete their login, make sure to check your notification settings.

If you'd like to give the Booking Admin tag to someone that is already on your user list, click the small chevron / down arrow on the user's row and click Edit user.

Our tips on Booking Admin access

  • Make sure that all Booking Admins are trusted; admins can create, edit and cancel bookings on behalf of the entire user population.

  • If there are questions from your users about who made a change to a booking, Booking Admins can use the handy activity feed area to view a timestamp of newly created, updated, cancelled and charged bookings.

  • If there's a change in staff / responsibilities at your venue, we don’t advise to give the old Booking Admin’s Skedda login details to their replacement. Instead, delete the user profile (if they are leaving the venue completely) or remove their Booking Admin tag, and then add the Booking Admin tag to the user replacing them.

  • We don’t advise that Booking Admins share logins. Without a granular authentication system it becomes difficult to determine who is responsible for changes made to your venue account.

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