Click into Manage Spaces > Space Sharing.

Skedda allows you to set up connections between your spaces. This means that when one space is booked, the other cannot be booked, and vice-versa.

As you add connections, keep in mind that they can be chained. For example, if you tell us that 1 depends on 2, and you also tell us that 2 depends on 3, then this implies that 1 depends on 3. 

Here’s an example: consider a venue with one large Basketball Court. The Basketball Court can be physically split into two halves: Badminton Court 1 and Badminton Court 2. If Badminton Court 1 is booked, the Basketball court will not be bookable for the same time, but Badminton Court 2 still will be bookable.

For bookings of the unavailable type (which is an option in the booking window within the Owner / Admin view),  Skedda intentionally ignores all these rules so that you can make individual spaces unavailable irrespective of dependency relationships.

Sharing rules can work really well for dividable and partitioned spaces in community spaces, offices and sports centers, for example. Do you have a complex sharing structure, with half spaces, quarter spaces, and even eighths spaces? We’re ready to help, send over the details and we can take a look!

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