Click onto the scheduler Day mode, then click on Spaces.

Here, you can create and manage your Views. Views arrange your spaces into sensible groups so that you can focus just on particular locations/areas/buildings/floors of your venue at a time.

Views are shared with all users (admin and non-admin). The only exception to this is that a view consisting solely of spaces marked with "admin-only" visibility will not be visible to non-admins.

Creating a View

From the 'Spaces' dropdown, Owners are able to quickly create and edit views. Creating a view is as simple as giving it a name and choosing the spaces it should contain.

On the integrations page, you have the ability to tune your website-embedding code to correspond to a particular view.

For example, you might have different pages on your website for Building 1 and Building 2. With this feature, you can embed one view on each page.

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