To set the Hours of Availability, just head to Settings > Venue Profile and go to the Hours of Availability section.

From here, you can Edit the current hours listed or choose to Add more hours of availability.

The Hours of availability setting allows you to set the broad times in which venue users can make bookings. These are usually best set to the times at which your venue is physically open, i.e. times which are quite fixed and do not change often. For more fine-grained restrictions on the times at which bookings are made, you have a number of additional options.

  • Firstly, you can always create (potentially repeating) bookings of the "unavailable" type to indicate that one or more spaces are not bookable.
  • Secondly, you can create custom booking conditions for each individual space (like minimum and maximum booking durations).
  • Finally, you can tune booking lock-in times and booking creation-windows to limit the times at which users can create and cancel bookings.
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