User access levels in Skedda allow you to control the way your users are able to view and create bookings.

The levels are: Regular, Trusted & Admin.  

Depending on whether you are accepting online payments or not, the exact meaning and nature of these access levels vary somewhat.

No online payments 

Regular: Users are able to view the scheduler but not make bookings
Trusted: Users can view and book on the scheduler
Full control over all aspects of the account

Payments enabled

Regular: Users are able to book by using a credit card
Trusted: Users can book without providing credit card details
Full control over all aspects of the account

To find the specific permissions for your venue setup, click on the link What do these access levels mean? below the selector. This will show a customized description of each type based on how you have set up your venue.

To change the access level of a user, navigate to the relevant user and click the blue 'edit' icon.

You will then see an option at the bottom called Access Level which will let you adjust it to ones of the three options.

Further control over booking capabilities for non-admin users

There are additional ways to limit how non-admin users can make bookings at your venue:

  • Hours of availability (the high-level times during the week when spaces are generally available for booking).
  • Booking conditions (custom rules for each space which can be used to police e.g. minimum and maximum booking times).
  • Booking windows (your "advanced notice" requirements, e.g. "non-admin users can create bookings from 30 days to 24 hours in advance).
  • "Unavailable" bookings: admins can create bookings of the "unavailable" type directly on the scheduler to indicate that certain spaces are not able to be booked. These bookings can also be recurring.
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