It isn't possible to bulk add users via an existing list, however, you can bypass the standard process of manually adding users.

Specifically, Skedda lets you share an "invitation" link with your users that then allows them to add themselves to the system. This is particularly useful when you have a large group of users that need access to the system. It is also useful for data integrity: making sure you get the most up-to-date details from your users.

To get the link, go first to the Users section

From here click the 'Invite a bunch' link which will show your specific venue link.

When a recipient clicks on the link, we collect their basic info (email and name) for you. We then register them as a trusted user at your venue and fast-track them to the booking sheet so that they can start making self-service bookings immediately. Finally, we add them to your venue users list so that you have their details.

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