"Views" allow you to work with different "groups" or "sets" of spaces that often need to be digested separately.

In the example below we can see views for "Room" and "Studio" spaces. Selecting a view on the scheduler (day, month and list modes) acts as a filter to only show the view's spaces and their bookings.  Views can also be handy if you're trying to manage spaces at different physical addresses/locations (e.g. "Lombard St Rooms" and "Haight Street Rooms").

Views are shared with all users (admin and non-admin). The only exception to this is that a view consisting solely of spaces marked with "admin-only" visibility will of course not be visible to non-admins.

Creating a "View"

From the same dropdown, admins are able to quickly create new views and edit existing ones as required.

The process just involves selecting a name for the view and one or more of your spaces to include in it.

View-specific links

On the integrations page, you have the ability to tune your website-embedding code to correspond to a particular view.

For example, you might have one page on your website that explains your "Rooms", and another that explains your "Studios". With this feature, you can embed one scheduler on each page, one with the "Rooms" code and another with the "Studios" code.

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